Dwight made up all of his Murdock t-shirt designs by himself, he usually handed in his new idea a week before the episode he would wear it was shot. This way the texts on his shirt would reflect on things that happend on the A-team set, in the world or just his personal life.

Season 1

Mexican Slayride
T-shirt: Dark blue with white lettering: Napoleon

Children of Jamestown
T-shirt: Plain black no print.

Pros and Cons
T-shirt: Black with a white figure printed on it and later on a plain red one.

A Small and Deadly War
T-shirt: Green with black lettering: Alexander the Great

Black day at Bad Rock
T-shirt: Black with white lettering MISC.

The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas
T-shirt: Plain red no print.

The Out-of-Towners
T-shirt: Yellow with text: I Love (heart) N Y (green 3D lettering with skyline of New York in the heart).

Holiday in the Hills
T-shirt: it’s really a red tank top with black lettering: WHY BE NORMAL

West Coast Turnaround
T-shirt: Dark purple with silver illegible text.

One More Time
T-shirt: Grey with Felix the Cat.

Till Death Do Us Part
T-shirt: Yellow with Gumby.

The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing
T-shirt: Grey with The Jetsons.

A Nice Place to Visit
T-shirt: Yellow with a Flintstones print. In a circle a green dinosaur with Bamm Bamm is printed.

Picture of the original T-shirt worn in the episode Chopping Spree.

Season 2

Diamonds ‘n’ Dust
T-shirt: During the first scenes it probably was light blue with a dark print with dark text, It could be the Alexander the great shirt. The rest of the episode the yellow t-shirt with the cartoon dinosaur from the episode A Nice Place to Visit.

Recipy For Heavy Bread
T-shirt: First a black t-shirt with a white neckline, followed by t-shirt with a tuxedo shirt-and-jacket print and later on the red tank top again that was also worn during Holiday in the Hills. During the golf course scene a t-shirt with a house, tree, road printed on it, than again the Holiday in the Hills shirt. In the last scene a yellow t-shirt with Gumby, (the same as in Till Death Do Us Part).

The Only Church In Town
T-shirt: Same as in The Out-of-Towners.

Bad Day on the Border
T-shirt: Yellow with red lettering: Bring Back The Dodo

When You Comin’ Back, Range Rider?
T-shirt: No t-shirt just a plain grey shirt with long sleeves and buttons.

The Taxicab Wars
T-shirt: Grey with the The Jetsons,same one as in The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing. Later in the episode a darkred t-shirt with white lettering: A Doodle Do

Labor Pains
T-shirt: Green, with black lettering: NUTS FEED MILLIONS.

There’s Always a Catch
T-shirt: Grey, black print: picture of Dinky Donky and the text Dinky Donky. In the last scene Murdock wears his Alexander the Great t-shirt.
Dwight: “in American “dinky” connotes something that’s trivially small or cheap or of poor quality.” He came up with the design for this shirt after a crewmember told a story on the set about something that had happened to him which made Dwight decide to use the word Dinky the next week on the t-shirt. To huge amusement of the entire crew.

Water, Water Everywhere
T-shirt: Green, black print: picture of Dinky Donky with a mustache and the text Dinky Donky with mustache. (the text with mustache was printed smaller).

T-shirt: Yellow, 3 similar cats printed in black with their tails in the air. Underneath the cats the text cattails is printed in black.

The White Ballot
T-shirt: Red with black print: image of a camel, like the cigarette brand. Above the camel the following text is printed: camels are heavy smokers

The Maltese Cow
T-shirt: Green with red lettering: Garlic Stinks

In Plane Sight
T-shirt: Light blue with black text: Why Me? The t-shirt has several black spots covering the t-shirt as well.

The Battle of Bell Air
T-shirt: Light blue with black lettering: The Wonderful World of Fungus

Say It With Bullets
T-shirt: Same as in Labor Pains.

Pure-Dee Poison
T-shirt: Same as in The White Ballot.

It’s a Desert Out There
T-shirt: Red with blue lettering: The Wonderful World of Fungus. The text is the same as in The Battle of Bell Air but the T-shirt design is different.

Chopping Spree
T-shirt: Yellow with black and red lettering: Poets Contrive But Pigs Provide. The word PIGS is written in red. Infront of the word Poets a little pink pig is printed, the same little pink pig is printed after the word Provide. This was Dwight’s favorite T-shirt.

Harder Than It Looks
T-shirt: Green with white lettering: Roundee Roundee

Deadly Maneuvers
T-shirt: Dark blue with white lettering: Minds Are For People Who Think. But something strange happens. Murdock has a t-shirt problem. When he is looking for Face and drives the corvette he finds a little dog that is supposed to be hit by a car. Suddenly he wears by mistake a grey t-shirt with black lettering in that scene. When he approaches the dog and picks it up he turns around and the t-shirt sudddenly changes in the correct one again, Minds Are For People Who Think.

Semi-Friendly Persuasion
T-shirt: Dark red with white lettering: There’s A Creep In Your Future

Curtain Call
T-shirt: Light blue with dark blue lettering: Bugamente
Dwigh: “Bugamente was just a silly half-American half-Spanish slang word that was made up quickly.”

Season 3

Bullets And Bikinis
T-shirt: The red one with: There’s A Creep In Your Future than two Hawaiian t-shirts, a purple one with parrots and a blue one with hawaiian houses. In the last scenes the t-shirt with white lettering: Minds Are For People Who Think.

The Bend In the River
T-shirt: Plain white, than a green t-shirt with white lettering: God, Guns & Guts made America Let’s keep all three. final scene: t-shirt with an American flag printed on it.

T-shirt: White t-shirt with illegible text, the rest of the episode a red blouse.

T-shirt: White shirt with black sleeves and black vertical stripes with the black text: Litratcy

Double Heat
T-shirt: White with a red circle printed on it, in the circle a black helicopter flying above an orange/red/blue airforce weapon. Above the circle it says U.S. Airforce

Trouble on Wheels
T-shirt: Licht blue with a halve moon with a face on the left. The text Moon over MY AMI is written on the right next to the moon. The text “Moon over” is written in yellow with two stars on each side of the word OVER. The words MY and AMI are written underneath each other in darkblue.

The Island
T-shirt: White with two little birds sitting on a twig in a red heart. The word Love is written above the heart and Nuptial Vine underneath.

T-shirt: Black with two cats sitting in front of a window gazing at the moon printed on it. They say something to each other but that is illegible.

Sheriffs of Rivertown
T-shirt: Black with again two cats sitting in front of window printed on it. But it’s not the same t-shirt as worn in Showdown. It is very similar though and again the cats are saying something illegible.

The Bells Of St. Mary’s
T-shirt: White in a circle an eagle or similar bird like that is printed on the shirt. The bird has a red chest and black spots and blue wings and it is sitting on a twig.

Hot Styles
T-shirt: Yellow with feathers with red lettering: I Like Boneless Chicken Breasts

T-shirt: Black with a cartoon figure of a cow printed on it.

Cup A’Joe
T-shirt: White on both sides a face is printed on the shirt in black and red and the year 1984 is written on it as well.

The Big Squeeze
T-shirt: Black with yellow/goldish lettering I am an Amercian Tragedy. Underneath the text on the left a golden palmtree is printed and a red car in a blue background is printed next to the palmtree.

T-shirt: Black with a single red rose printed on it that is surrounded by dark red little waves.

T-shirt: Yellow with a blue illegible text.

Road Games
T-shirt: Green with white lettering. The text HOMES FOR is written below that text a picture of two cows. Underneath the two cows two words are written one of them is the word COWS and below those two words the word Moooooooow! is written.

Moving Targets
T-shirt: Blue with a brown arrow pointing upwards. Written in the arrow in yellow is the text This Space Is Unoccupied

Knights of the Road
T-shirt: Kaki with black lettering: I AM NOT AN ANIMAL

Waste ‘Em!
T-shirt: Light blue with dark blue lettering: “What Ever Happened to the Baltimore COLTS?”

T-shirt: Cream with green lettering: lewillbunk OSOME (Osome is slang for Awsome)

Beverly Hills Assault
T-shirt: Red with two panda bears in a blue circle.

Trouble Brewing
T-shirt: A cartoonfigure with illegible text.

Incident at Crystal Lake
T-shirt: The letters I.R.S. written underneath each other. From each letter a word is formed, explaining what IRS should stand for. I. nequitable R.apacious S.elf serving

Season 4

Judgement Day
T-shirt: Grey with black lettering: GOR BHCH OFF , on the left side of the text a little man is printed, a sportsfigure.

Where Is The Monster When You Need Him
T-shirt: Blue with a yellow print of a spider in a cobweb. Also a plain blue one, sometimes the t-shirt with the spider disappeared and suddenly Murdock was wearing the plain blue one. In the final scenes (when Murdock let himself be shot by Hannibal) he wears the plain blue one.

Lease With An Option To Die
T-shirt: Grey with Gumby in a red car printed on it along with the text: Offroadin’ Gumby and Pokey

The Road to Hope
T-shirt: Light blue with illegible red lettering.

The Heart of Rock ‘n’ Roll
T-shirt: Light blue with red lettering: the word Thump four times written in pink clouds

Body Slam
T-shirt: Light blue with black lettering: Rich Boy Poor Boy $

Blood, Sweat, and Cheers
T-shirt: Green with white lettering wit the text ONWARD through the FOG printed on it.
During the shooting of this episode Dwight found out that the cow that he had to milk suffered from mastitis and because of this Dwight couldn’t milk the cow of course. After this experience Dwight came up with a text for the next episode but decided not to use that in the end.

Mind Games
T-shirt: Green with different color lettering: Black Bush, Red Bush, Green Bush. Black Bush in black, Red Bush in red and Green bush in green.

There Goes the Neighbourhood
T-shirt: Dark red with silver lettering: I Like Champagne, and a glass of champagne was printed on it. Something was written underneath the glass as well …. & Back couldn’t make out the word that was written before &

The Doctor Is Out
T-shirt: Red with yellow lettering: Excellent

Uncle Buckle-Up
T-shirt: Red with black lettering: I’m Up Here, and above the text an arrow pointing upwards.

Wheel Of Fortune
T-shirt: Kaki with black lettering: I Stand Firmly Behind This

The A-team Is Coming, The A-team Is Coming
T-shirt: Plain red, but in the last scene a blue t-shirt with an illegible text in different colors. We were able to make out a blue A, a yellow T and a green A but there was a complete text written on it.

Members Only
T-shirt: Light blue with dark blue lettering: Watch These Spots Further Develop on the topright (for the viewers on the left) and an arrow pointing upwards to two or three spots.

Cowboy George
T-shirt: Rusty brown with white lettering: E=mc^2-A.E

Waiting For Insane Wayne
T-shirt: Dark blue with white lettering: THIS SIDE FORWARD At the end of the episode a dark blue or black plain t- shirt.

The Duke of Whispering Pines
T-shirt: Red with yellow print. There are two text balloons printed on the shirt, one with the word BELCH in it on the place of the stomach and next to it another one with the word OOPS written in it.

Beneath The Surface
T-shirt: Green with black lettering: something like ‘HARM acting the part without ever asking a question CAME.’ unsure about the two large words.

Mission Of Peace
T-shirt: No t-shirt, Murdock just wore different clothes.

The Trouble With Harry
T-shirt: Again no t-shirt, Murdock wore suits the entire time.

A Little Town With An Accent
T-shirt: Grey with the Kilroy was Here design.

The Sound Of Thunder
T-shirt: Cream with black lettering: Everything Comes to an End was printed on it. In the final scene a red t-shirt with yellow lettering, text something like: STAR: someone to whom you cannot tell the truth

Season 5

Dishpan Man
T-shirt: Cream with black lettering: Stamp Out Cellulite written in an oval shape now above that is written something very small, too small to read.

Trial by Fire
T-shirt: Light blue with dark blue lettering: Sensuous & Strong, the & sign was a E with little bits on top and bottom but I don’t have that on my computer Also a plain black t-shirt during the Nighthawkes Commando bit.

Firing Line
T-shirt: Grey with the picture of a bean on it, written in the bean is: Beans for Health

Quarterback Sneak
T-shirt: Black with white lettering, it repeats two words five times, probably: Drown or Crown and a word starting with Ra.

The Theory of Revolution
T-shirt: Red with yellow lettering: Growing Harmony The Danger Rests In The Controversy

The Say U.N.C.L.E. Affair
T-shirt: Blue with yellow lettering: I LOVE L.A. also a red t-shirt with white lettering: Wong For The Road, Chinese Delivery

Alive at Five
T-shirt: Same as in Trial by Fire.

Family Reunion
T-shirt: Darkblue with a white eye printed on it.

Point Of No Return
T-shirt: Plain cream.

The Crystal Skull
T-shirt: Red with yellow lettering: If Your Breath Stinks, Kill It!

The Spy Who Mugged Me
T-shirt: None, just a grey overall and a suit because he was pretending to be Logan Ross.

Without Reservations
T-shirt: Red with white lettering: Almost Fini

The Grey Team
T-shirt: Dark blue with white lettering: Fini

Picure of the original T-shirt worn in the final episode.

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