The A-team

Murdock action figure Galoob 6-inch
Murdock action figure made by Galoob, this one is 6-inch in length. Besides Murdock a weaponbelt with handgun, machinegun, binoculars a crossbow and a hook is included.

Murdock action figure Galoob 4-inch
Murdock action figure, the 4-inch version made by Galoob. This one can only be purchased with the other three members of the A-team together in one package. The figure is also included in the A-team Interceptor Jet Bomber box, also made by Galoob. The accessories that are included in the package with the four members are not included in that box.

Murdock action figure Galoob 4-inch
A different orange actionfigure of Murdock this one is orange BUT it has has a totally different body and different details, a lot less yellow is used than for the other action figure. This one can only be found in the combat headquarters set.

Funko POP! Howling Mad Murdock with Socki
Funko pop number 374. A Funko pop of B.A., Face or Hannibal were sold seperately. You could also purchase a Funko pop of B.A. with his van. All released in 2016.

Murdock by Playmobil with Socki
This playmobil action figure goes with the A-team 70750 van. It was released in 2021 with all characters from the series. Scale of the van 1:17. The playset is considered more of a collectors item.

A-team van die cast metal by ERTL 1:16
The A-team van scale 1:16, This metal van is more difficult to find. It is less detailed than the galoob van but has a sliding door and no removable roof. The ERTL is large enough to place the large galoob action figures inside!

Tactical Van Play Set by Galoob 1:18
The A-team van, scale 1:18. Removable roof and the 4 small action figures can be placed inside but only B.A. is included in the box. Besides the plastic Van the following other accessories are included: a hydrant, a stop sign and detour equipment. No weapons or other figures are included.

Die Cast A-team Metal boxed set by ERTL scale 1:64
This die cast metal boxed set contains Face’s Corvette, B.A’s van and Murdock’s red helicopter all made by ERTL.

Helicopter die cast metal by ERTL 1:16
Large die cast metal helicopter made by ERTL, wonderfully made,
scale 1:16 it measures 18-inch approx. from the tail till the longest mainrotor blade. The small 4-inch figures from Galoob are able to sit inside of the chopper.

Die Cast A-team Metal ERTL helicopter scale 1:64
Murdocks metal red helicopter, this is a small version of the larger red ERTL model. This seperate packaged chopper is more difficult to find than the small seperate packaged corvette or Van

Command Chopper by Rough Riders with motorized enforcer Van
This plastic helicopter is made by Rough Riders, it also includes a small car ‘a motorized enforcer Van’ in the same colors as the helicopter that can be placed inside the helicopter.

Corvette die cast metal by ERTL 1:16
Face his Corvette scale 1:16, hard to find. Two galoob 4″ inch action figures can sit in the car. This ERTL version is way better than the plastic Galoob version, for instance the carseats are red instead of black and the shape of the car is better.

Action Corvette Play Set by Galoob 1:18
Face his Corvette, scale 1:18. Two small action figures can be placed inside, the hood of the car can be opened. An action figure of Face is included in the box.

Interceptor Jet Bomber by Galoob 1:18
A jet for Murdock, scale 1:18. Besides the plastic jet there were also rockets and bombs for the jet in the box, a little car that could pull the jet with a hook and some stairs. In most boxes they included an orange action figure of Murdock but in some boxes they included a green or blue action figure of Murdock instead of the orange one. The blue one is mostly found in the USA.

Combat Attack Gyrocopter by Galoob 1:18
Combat Attack Gyrocopter by Galoob, a 6″ action figure of Murdock is included in the package. The gyrocopter is made of plastic and carries four bombs that can be released by pressing a release button.

Bicycle bell
Childrens bicycle bell. If you ring this bell everybody will get out of the way for sure!

Childs hanger
On this hanger your cloths will be save with Murdock guarding them.

Murdock air freshener
Murdock air freshener, it smells like…jet fuel?

Murdock tattoos
They even sold Murdock tattoos, these were made in 1983 (c) Stephen J. Cannell productions and manufactured by Special Products in Katwijk (the Netherlands)

The A-team Duvet cover

Star Trek

Lt. Barclay action figure next generation 2.5-inch
Lt. Barclay action figure next generation size is approx 2.5-inch made in 1994 part of the collectors series 7th season.

Lt. Barclay action figure next generation 7-inch
Lt. Reginald Barclay 7-inch Scale Action Figure. This action figure differs from the previous one. It’s a bigger size, has darker hair and comes with less tools. Manufacturer: Art Asylum/Diamond Select Toys. At first Art Asylum released the figures on their own. Later, when Art Asylum moved away from doing its own manufacturing, Diamond Select took over the management and art direction of the license while Art Asylum did the design and sculpting work for the figurese themselves as Diamond (DST) handled the releases of the figure line.

Lt. Barclay action figure next generation 2.5-inch
Lt. Barclay action figure 2,5-inch tall packaged in the star trek 1701 collector series from 1998 with an action figure of Captain Picard and Tasha Yar included as well. All figures equiped with their original galactic gear: Tasha Yar From Yesterday’s Enterprise, Captain Jean-Luc Picard From Tapestry, & Lt. Reginald Barclay From Projections Episodes.

Barclay Action Figure 5-inch from the episode Projections
Lt. Barclay action figure 5-inch from Star Trek Voyager. A limited editon, Barclay as seen in the episode Projections. Only 3000 action figures like this were produced by playmates in 1996.

HeroClix Miniture Game-
#012 Reginald Barclay – Star Trek Resistance is Futile

TNG Sheet Newfield Publications 1997 – 2000
A beautiful sheet from a large set that was released by Newfield Publications from about 1997 to 2000. This set was released in subscription form, so you would remit payment each month to acquire more sheets for the set. The back includes another picture and lots of text and facts related to the subject shown. The sheet also has 3 binder holes on the left margin as the sheets were originally issued with binders to store them in.

Star Trek Trading Card.
Star Trek Next Generation, Lt. Reginald Barclay Trading Card.

Star Trek Trading Card.

Trading Card 1992
15-A, Star Trek The Next Generation – Inaugural Edition (Base Set). Lt. Reginald Barclay, Trading Card by Impel, Jan 1992.

Customizable Card Game, by Alternate Universe 1995
Barclay Transporter Phobia Card, uncommon. Lt. Barclay refused to transport out of fear. When forced to transport in 2369, he saw creatures in the beam and believed he had transporter psychosis. This interrupt plays as a response to the initiation of transport. The affected personnel refuses all beaming, including the transport just initiated. Place the interrupt on the affected personnel as a marker.

Star Trek Voyager Trading Card
Lt. Reginald Barclay Star Trek Voyager Trading Card.

Star Trek Trading Card
Barclay’s Protomorphosis Disease.

First Contact Movie Trading Card
Star Trek First Contact Movie Lt. Reginald Barclay Trading Card.

First Contact Trading Card Set, by Skybox 1996
Card 34: Barclay meets a legend.
The First Contact Card Set was a 60 card set in a similar widevision format to the earlier SkyBox cinema sets. The base set featured images and summaries from the movie. The box was a (Borg) cube-shaped box, with instructions on how to turn it into a hanging mobile. Several chase sets included; 10 Behind the Scenes Cards (1:6); 12 Techno-Cel Borg Cards (1:8); 10 Character Cards (1:12); 6 Enterprise Cards (1:8); and 3 Fold-out Blueprint Posters (1:36).

Autograph Card
A16 Dwight Schultz As Reginald Barclay, Autograph Card. Star Trek The Next Generation.

Autograph Card 1987-1991
The complete Star Trek the Next Generation Trading Cards Series One 1987-1991.
Autograph Card Personally Signed by Dwight Schultz as Lt. Reginald Barclay Size 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Very limited edition.

Autograph Card
A12 Dwight Schultz as Reginald Barclay, Autograph Card. Star Trek Voyager.

Autograph Movie Card
A12, Dwight Schultz as Reginald Barclay, Autograph Card. Star Trek Cinema 2000.

Autograph Movie Card
A105, Star Trek Autograph Movie Card, Dwight Schultz as Lt. Reginald Barclay. Cinema 2000.

Star Trek Autograph Cards (40th anniversary of the franchise)
In 2001, Rittenhouse Archive took over the Star Trek card license and issued a set to mark the 40th anniversary of the ‘franchise’ in 2006 (including contributions from TNG).

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