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Dwight about his Official Fansite


  • We made the fansite more pleasing to the eye

    You may notice that we have designed and added new icons that you can click on instead of just text links. We hope you enjoy the new look and feel. Have fun exploring the fansite.

  • FAQ

    Dwight receives a lot of emails with questions about the A-team. We recommend that you visit our FAQ page or visit the audio section and listen to the Q&AS. Go explore and enjoy the fansite and a lot of your questions will be answered. It is really fun to listen to the audios.

  • Videogame released

    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a compilation of the first three Mass Effect games.
    The game was released on May 14, 2012. Dwight voiced Navigator Pressly, Dr. Zev Cohen and a bartender. The game is available for: Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Watch a snippet of Navigator Pressly:


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