Our History

The original version of this website was made as a 60th birthday present for Dwight by the two webmasters, us, Claudia and Ingeborg. Much to our surprise and delight, Dwight chose to make this his officially endorsed fan site. We greatly value his friendship, and appreciate the news updates and audio clips he shares that keep the site fresh and entertaining.

Howling Mad notes was Dwight’s special creation for the site in 2012 – with format and content entirely of his choosing. Though his hectic work and personal schedule did not allow as much time as he, and we, would have hoped, he tried to make new notes as often as he could. Being the perfectionist that he is, a lot of time and effort went into the detailed crafting of each one. We uploaded th last note in 2016 but we hope to bring back the notes section back in the future.

A new version of the website was launched in August 2013, redesigned in Dwight’s favorite colors – blue and green. It attempted to be much more user friendly and we hope you found it pleasing to the mind and eye. It was used for many years.

In August 2021 we decided the website needed a fresh look so we moved to WordPress.

Directly below, you will find some old, favorite audios of ours. They were previously featured on the main page, but are now located here for your listening pleasure and convenience. Banners and headers that previously graced the top of the earlier version of the site are found following the audio clips.

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