Howling Mad Radio

I can advise but not install, soundbite 2006
Howling Mad Radio, soundbite 2006
Mean laugh, soundbite 2006
Well, I’v had it! soundbite 2006
Dwight in a Scroogy mood thanks to Netflix, soundbite 2006
Dwight crashes his Computer, soundbite 2006
Impression of Chirac
Communists, soundbite 2006
The Man Loves Audio, soundbite 2006
Oh dear I love that! soundbite 2006
Get of your Butt, soundbite 2006
Kissinger impression, soundbite 2006
Camelot, soundbite 2006
About he Olestra ban, soundbite 2006
Sword swallowers, soundbite 2006
Special Treat: Dwight reading a funny article, soundbite 2006
I can’t possibly talk for 3 hours, I mean I could but….soundbite 2007
Cows are Boring, soundbite 2007
Special Treat: ‘the polar bear’, soundbite 2007
Special Treat: ‘dogs’, soundbite 2007
Carbonmonoxide Kills you, soundbite 2007
I was struck in the rear, soundbite 2007
That’s all Folks, soundbite 2007
Beat him to a Pulp, 2007
About Nasa, soundbite 2007
Impression of Churchill, soundbite 2007
About accents: sometimes I get one. soundbite 2007
Environment / Smoking / Red Rider, soundbite 2010
Dwight about A-team movie, soundbite 2010
Maybe old people should live to the moon, soundbite 2010

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