Does Dwight know about this website?
The website www.dwightschultzfansite.nl is the official fansite of Mr. Dwight Schultz and is authorized by him. The official fansite www.dwightschultzfansite.nl is made and maintained with permission of the actor. Any other fansites you encouter on the internet are soley made by fans and are not and will not be authorized by Mr. Dwight Schultz even if that is stated on a particular site. The webmasters of this official fansite are able to get in touch with Mr. Schultz so he has the opportunity to provide information about his works. This way he is able to inform his fans with for them valid information. We make every effort to ensure that the content of the official fansite is up to date and error-free. But we do not give any guarantee or other assurance as to the accuracy of the information that is published on the fansite. We disclaim all responsibility for damages or losses (including financial loss) from your use of, or inability to use the fansite. You are not allowed to copy pages from this official fansite, this also includes translating them in a different language and publish them on a different website.

Statement by Dwight

How old is Dwight?
Dwight was born on November 24th 1947, his sign is Sagittarius. Read more about his early years in the biography that you can find on the fansite.

I would like an autograph from Dwight Schultz, can I ask for one by emailing him or the webmasters of his fansite?
We are very sorry but no it’s not possible to get an autograph from Dwight by emailing him or us. You are however able to obtain his autograph by visiting the conventions that he attends. We can recommend visiting a convention and we try to inform you about the ones he visits. it’s not possible for us to send items/gifts from fans to Dwight. He doesn’t have an address for fans to write to or send gifts to. It is only possible to send fan mail to his direct email address: schultz@dwightschultzfansite.nl.

What role did Dwight prefer Murdock or Barclay?
Dwight always states: They are both part of me. It’s like children you don’t prefer one to the other. Murdock is the person I always would have loved to have been on a 24 hours basis and Barclay is closer to what I was and am most of my life.

Dwight explaining the difference between Murdock and Lt. Barclay

Where can I buy a jacket like Murdock’s? And was Dwight allowed to take his jacket home after the A-team stopped.
The jacket Dwight wore as Murdock was a leather A2 pilot jacket. There were two jackets made for him. The image of the tiger was handpainted on the back by an artist. Her name was Pauline Annon. The tiger design was inspired by the Flying Tiger Shipping Company’s tiger head. You won’t be able to purchase a replica jacket with a handpainted tiger on the back in a regular store. However it is possible to buy the same model A2 jacket without the print on the back. You can have it customized for you or just wear it without the tiger on the back. Dwight was allowed to keep both his jackets that he wore as Murdock after the series stopped. He donated one to the special forces museum at Fort Bragg in North Carolina but after a while it was returned to him. Therefore both jackets are now still in his posession.

Listen to this audio in which Dwight provides more information about his jacket.

Does Dwight have a pilot license like Murdock?
No Dwight doesn’t have a pilot license, he did however had lessons in a fixed wing. When he was allowed to fly solo he stopped flying because his wife was very scared he would crash. She was worried because during that period a few people had crashed in small planes and I think you can understand that Dwight’s wife didn’t want that to happen to him as well. So he gave up flying and didn’t get a license.

Listen to an audio in which Dwight provides more inforamation about his flying capabilities.

What kind of work does Dwight currently do?
Dwight is still working, mostly voice work like voices in cartoons and video games, he just loves doing voices in video games. He gave Mung Daal a voice in the hit cartoonseries Chowder from cartoonnetwork (that was nominated for an Emmy Award and Dwight twice for an Annie Award). Dwight also did a podcast show named Howling Mad Radio in 2006-2007 and made two shows in 2008. You can listen to snippets from the shows in the audio section of the fansite. Dwight has filled in for talk radio host in 2010 and 2011. He worked as a substitute talk radio host for TRN till 2016. He used to create Howling Mad World Review podcasts that were available through is fansite and he wrote notes. If he starts podcasting again you will be the first to know!

Listen here to an audio in which Dwight provides more informat about his voice work,

Is Dwight still in contact with the remaining A-team members?
Dwight and Dirk Benedict (faceman) are very good friends. They still meet each other on a regular basis and attend many conventions together. Dwight hasn’t been in touch with Mr. T for a few years.

Does Dwight own a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account?
In 2010 we opened up an official Facebook for Dwight’s fansite with Dwight’s permission. Therefore that Facebook IS authorized by him. This to provide a service for fans of his who use Facebook. On the Dwight Schultz Official Fansites Facebook they easily can see if an update has been made on the fansite and like the official fansite Dwight is able to use it to publish interesting news for fans. Dwight hasn’t authorized any other account on Facebook. He doesn’t own a Twitter, Instragram or any other social network account that you find on the internet. All the profiles you encounter are fanmade and Dwight is not involved. If you encounter an account that has a profile that is misleading you can always alert the owner of that particular service. Of course you may also always alert the fansite by email. Just hit the email the webmasters button on the fansite.

I’d like to hire an A-team van for a convention, special event or wedding. How do I go about that?There are a lot of replica vans around, please use google to find one in your area.
If you live in the UK you used to be able to hire an original close up van that was used in the A-team series. It was located at Keswick at the Cars of the Stars Motor Museum. Unfortunately the museum closed and the two Van’s they owned were sold to an American collector. The A-team stunt van ended up in a museum in Las Vegas where it is on display. If you want to visit that van: click here or more information.

Is registering to the message board free?
We are aware of the fact that some official fansites charge people money before allowing them to use their message board. Don’t worry, registering and using our message board is completely free. It’s a wonderful way to meet fans of Dwight from all over the world. It’s a great way to make new friends.

How do I send fan mail to Dwight and/or send him gifts or items to sign?
It is possible to send Dwight fan mail or ask questions about the content of one of his fill in Talk Radio jobs. You are able to email him directly. Just click the ‘email Dwight’ button on the homepage and follow the instructions. Dwight reads all the emails he receives but because he receives so many he isn’t able to answer all of them. Please do not send autograph requests. it’s not possible for us to send items/gifts from fans to Dwight. He doesn’t have an address for fans to write to or send gifts to. It is only possible to send fan mail to his direct email address.