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Dwight Updates

Non-disclosure agreements
July 31st 2015
You probably wonder why there are not many updates posted about Dwight's work...well there is a valid reason and it's called...non-disclosure agreement.

Everytime Dwight accepts a job he has to sign one, which means..he can't tell anybody that he is working on that particular 'thing' until the release date. We promise some news will turn up soon...but we have to wait...we do apologize but hey, it does mean you have something to look forward to!

Winner Q&A!
July 31st 2015
Shannon is the lucky one who send in the winning question. Her question was picked as the number one question. Congratulations Shannon! The by Dwight autographed picture will be send to you a.s.a.p.. Listen to the winning question and the answer.

We want to thank everybody who send in a question and if you didn't win this time, you have another chance to win an autographed picture soon, so keep an eye on the fansite and our Facebook page!

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Site Updates

Audio Q&A Seattle 2014
July 7th. 2015
Today we uploaded a new audio in the Q&A audio section. This is a recording of a Q&A held in 2014 in Seattle. Some of the audio was corrupted and some bits were missing so we had to edit the audio a bit to improve it. We do hope the result will be fun for your ears.

New fan photos added
November 29th. 2014
We haved added a few new photos from fans who had their picture taken with Dwight at Super Megafest Comiccon 2014. Check them out on the photos page!

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The Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo
September 26-28, 2014
Edmonton Expo Centre, Canada

The Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo

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