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I'm very fascinated by animals, I love sharks but I never want to get too close to one. I have no desire to get near anything that will eat me. And that includes human beings.

Dwight Updates

Virtual Q&A question asked by several people
March 22nd. 2014
The final question Dwight answered was the question asked by several people.

What was your favorite A-team episode to work on and why?

Dwight answering the question asked by several people.

Virtual Q&A questions by Heather F.
March 18th. 2014
The next question Dwight answered was the question asked by Heather F.

You're always mentioning what an audiophile you are. If you could only keep a couple of pieces on your iPod, which ones would you select?

Dwight answering the question asked by Heather F.

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Site Updates

Virtual Q&A update
January 25th. 2014
First of all we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and blessed 2014!!

Dwight is currently busy recording the answers to your questions. We expect to upload these answers later this month. Due to other commitments Dwight wasn't able to record them at an earlier time.

Thank you for your patience!

Are you ready for a new virtual Q&A?!
October 27th. 2013
Dwight is again answering questions from fans who are active members on his official message board (a.k.a. the playground forums) OR who have liked his official fansites Facebook page before October 27th. 2013. You will be considered an active member of the official message board if you are someone who has posted at least once during the last three months and who was registered to the message board before October 27h. 2013

Pleas note that questions from message board members will get priority and therefore will be answered first, if there is enough time left Dwight will answer questions asked by followers of his official fansite Facebook page.

So if you want to get your questions answered first next time a Q&A is held, it might be a good idea to register yourself to the official message board if you haven't done so yet..it's free!

From November 1st. you may send one or two appropriate questions for Dwight to info@dwightschultzfansite.nl about his work on the A-team, Star Trek, Howling Mad Notes, voice over work, any topic is fine.

Just try to send an original question and to the webmasters at the email address that we just mentioned. Please not only mention your name but your message board nickname in your email (if you have one) as well. The closing date for sending in your question(s)is November 30th. 2013. If you are not sure what to ask and want to make sure your questions haven't been answered at an earlier time, please listen to the answers of the previous Q&A's that were held.

After the closing date all questions will be sent by the webmasters to Dwight in an email. Dwight will again record the answers in seperate audios that will be published on his official fansite. From all the questions he will pick the most original one and the person who send that one in will receive a by Dwight autographed picture!

Now don't make the mistake of sending Dwight the question directly using his emailaddress during the virtual Q&A period. If you want your question to be added you have to send your question to info@dwightschultzfansite.nl instead.

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