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Dwight's Christmas Greeting ‹‹‹ Click on there ‹‹‹
The webmasters of The Official Dwight Schultz Fansite and Dwight would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year....well just listen to Dwight's message...he can say it so much better.

Christmas Contest Time!!!!
If you would like to participate in our Christmas contest please email the correct answer to the following question: In 1977 Dwight made his television debut, what was the name of the tv series that he appeared in for the very first time? Hint: don't rely on IMDB or Wikipedia for the answer. You may send the correct answer before January 31st 2020 to info@dwightschultzfansite.nl. We will randomly pick TWO winners from all the received correct entries and sent the winners a by Dwight hand signed autographed picture. The winners may pick one of the photos listed above that Dwight autographed.

Dwight Updates

New convention appearance
Januari 9th, 2019
Dwight is scheduled to appear at Steel City Con.....more information in the appearences section of our website.

June 4th. 2018
JUNE CONTEST!!: Yes we keep celebrating our 10th. anniversary!

Murdock owns an invisible dog, that makes invisible puddles and takes invisible naps, What does Billy look like in your opinion?

As from today till July 1st. 2018 you may email a picture of Billy to info@dwightschultzfansite.nl Please you don't have to be an artist, just try your best just show Billy to us.

You have a chance to win a by Dwight autographed picture and some 1983 merchandise:Murdock tattoos.

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Site Updates

Announcement: We Have A Contest Winner
August 4th. 2018
We already announced it on our Facebook page sometime ago....we have a June contest winner. Alexis'(age 8)has won the June contest. She thinks Billy must look like a police dog (German Shepard) because he helps the A-team fight crime. Her favorite Billy scene is when he helps distract the bad guys in West Coast Turnaround. Congratulations Alexis, you will receive your prize asap!.

Announcement: We Have A Contest Winner
June 4th. 2018
Dwight has picked a contest winner, the winner of the April contest is Selim S., congratulations Selim, the by Dwight autographed The A-team dvd set will be shipped to you asap!

For everyone else, If you haven't won this time no worries we will organize another contest VERY soon so you have another chance to win an autographed item.

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Steel City Con.
April 12-14, 2019
The Monroeville Convention Center 209 Mall Boulevard Monroeville, Pennsylvania 15146

Steel City Con

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