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Dwight Updates

Dwight's Christmas Greeting
December 24th. 2016
Dwight would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year....well just listen to his message...he can say it so much better.

Dwight's Christmas Greeting.

Statement by Dwight on the passing of Robert Vaughn
November 15th. 2016
It is with deep sadness that I have to comment on the death of another wonderful actor with whom I've had the privilege and pleasure to work. Robert Vaughn had a remarkably varied career, from the film TEENAGE CAVEMAN and the iconic TV series THE MAN FROM UNCLE to one of the gunslingers from the great film MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

Of course, I met him during the last year of THE A-TEAM and found him to be warm and truly intellectual in the best sense of the word. One conversation that I will never forget took place on the set while waiting for the camera to be set up, I happened to mention that Wendy and I were looking forward to having a family. Vaughn passionately urged me to have my sperm count checked immediately, because he went through much emotional turmoil trying to father a child while not knowing he was infertile. It was so pointed and heartfelt and I was greatful. I was moved by his openness and immediately took his advice, thankfully I was OK.

God bless you Robert and your surviving family. You will be missed.

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Site Updates

Message Board temporarily down
December 17th. 2016
The host of Dwight's Offficial Message board is in the process of moving all forums to brand new servers. This is a huge and delicate project, and especially time consuming. During this move, uploads, including attachments, smilies, logos, and images, will be down. Once Dwight's Message Board is completely moved to the new servers, everything will work again. Other than that, some outages may be expected as well. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Happy Birthday Dwight!
November 24th. 2016
Today Dwight celebrates his 69th. birthday. Happy birthday El Capitan!! And to all our American fans...we wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

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