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I have wasted too much of my life, I really have, worrying about things that never happened. And fearful of things that never happened. ll plan for some things, but I'm not going set my stomach into a knot.

Dwight Updates

Happy Birthday Dwight
November 24th. 2014
Today Dwight celebrates his 67th. birthday. Happy birthday to our favorite Captain! If you would like to sent him your birthday wishes you can email Dwight, sent your email to schultz@dwightschultzfansite.nl, or visit the message board or the facebook page and leave your message there.

Dwight will appear at Super Mega Fest Comic con, Framingham Massachusetts
November 19th. 2014
Dwight will appear at Super Mega Fest Comic con in Framingham Massachusetts on November 22 & 23!!! We know this is short notice but Dwight just got word they would like him to appear at this convention. So get your Super Mega Fest tickets at Supermegafest.

Hint: Dwight will celebrate his 67th. birthday on November 24th, so if you happen to visit him at this convention you could congratulate him with his birthday while you get your autograph.

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Site Updates

Howling Mad World Review, show 20
August 14th. 2014
Dear Howlers,
Dwight again talks about the passing of Robin Williams, a small tribute to a very talented man. Dwight also discusses world politics because the world is in chaos....please visit the Howling Mad Notes page, you will find the podcast under international affairs.

Howling Mad World Review, show 19
August 9th. 2014
Dwight has recorded a new Howling Mad Radio Review show.....please visit the howling mad notes page to listen to show 19!

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The Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo
September 26-28, 2014
Edmonton Expo Centre, Canada

The Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo

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