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Dwight Updates

Radio interview
November 18th. 2017
On November 17th. Dwight was interviewed by Jim Conlan about the A-team series. You will be able to listen to this nice interview here:

Interview by Jim Conlan for Irish radio

October 30th. 2017
On November 24th. Dwight will celebrate his 70th. birthday and at the same time his fansite will celebrate its 10th. anniversary. Of course we want you all to celebrate this with us.

To celebrate these two wonderful occasions we will give away a childrens Christmas stocking. It will be filled with an autographed picture. The winner may choose either a picture of Lt.Barclay or Murdock.

Children ages 0-14 may participate. How can you participate? If you were Dwight what Christmas message would you record this year for the world? Just sent an email with your wish before November 30th. to info@dwightschultzfansite.nl Please include your name, address and age. The child that emails the most original wish will win the Christmas stocking.

No worries we won't forget your parents they will be able to enter another contest early next year..

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Site Updates

November 2nd. 2017
On November 24th. Dwight will celebrate his 70th. birthday. If you want to send him a birthday card to congratulate him with his birthday: a PO BOX has been opened for this special occasion. If you want to send Dwight a birthday wish you may send your birthday card to:

Dwight Schultz c/o Cohen
PO BOX 5440
HARRISBURG PA 17110-0440

If you live outside the USA don't wait too long because it will take a bit longer for your card to get there.
Please do not send parcels/boxes. Please do not send autograph requests. Please do not send items to Dwight you want him to autograph for you. They won't fit in the PO BOX and it was opened up by us for birthday wishes only.

This is all a surprise for Dwight so please do not expect a reply back. But we will make sure that he WILL receive your card.

On The Way To Civil War
May 25th. 2017
Please visit the Howling Mad Notes page to read Dwight's new note: On The Way To Civil War. Click on American Politics we have published the note there.

Please if you are not interested in political matters or social justice matters please don't read it.

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