Q&A’s 2011A

Audiocommentary / The A-team
Lt. Barclay and Murdock endings
Lt. Barclay’s Childhood / Favorite Genre
The Big Bang Theory
Billy the Dog / Radio
Dinky Donky / Voicework
Dirk and Dwight
Favorite the A-team Episode
Favorite Voicework and Audiobook
Question about a Book
Role you Want like to Play /HMR
More Lt. Barclay? / Inspiration for Murdock
If Lt. Barclay was Teleported in The A-team Van
What Would Murdock Do Today?
Questions about Parenting / Which Classic Movie
Involvement in Politics / Favorite Recipy
Would you like to be in Space?
Have you ever felt sorry for Murdock?
About contests and his Fansite

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