Q&A’s 2016

U.S. Presidential Primary / Q&A; 2016
Support any of GOP Candidates
Funniest A-team Ancedote
The A-team Reboot Series
Belt or no Belt, that’s the Question
Most Dangerous A-team Stunt
An Angry Mudsucker
How did Murdock Keep his Innocence?
The Sound of Thunder
You Honest opinion about the A-team Movie
Message from Nickyathey
The A-team injuries
Were your Cloths Hot?
What would Murdock have become?
Murdock and CHiPs
Ever made an Episode Suggestions?
Were you allowed to ad lib?
Audio commentary The A-team?
Any Conventions in my Area?
George and T
Where there any Storylines that were never filmed?
Any ideas for a Script you like to Film?
Hello from Theresa
How did you Decrompress
Silliest Thing a Director Asked you?

Dealing with Terminal Illness
Speak to European Parliamant?
You Like to be Remembered for…
Why Get into Voice Acting?
Nostalgic Memory from School
Would you consider to return on Netflix?
Ever Written an Autobiography?
Returning to Star Trek?
Worst Hotel Experience?
Question about Ben10
Any Conventions Abroad?
Do you Believe in Destiny
Is there an Event you would Like to Witness?
Wat are you Most Recognized From?
Jake and the Fatman
What Role in a TV show would you Pick?

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