Random bits

This page contains some random snippits from various of the fun section pages. Visit the individual pages to see everything.

Did you know Dwight...

...made up the impression of the chicken in Black Rock by himself, that got him in trouble again, - but they still kept it in.

...said that Mr T's stunt double was a lasso expert. He was so quick that he could hide a lasso up his sleeve and still get you - which he did to Dwight at least twenty times. He'd wait for Dwight to walk past him and then catch his ankle so he'd fall to the floor!

...wished he would be Sean Connery if he had to be somebody else (that man always looks and sounds good no matter what age he is).

Murdock's T-Shirt from season 1, Holiday in the Hills
it's really a red tank top with black lettering: WHY BE NORMAL

Murdock's T-Shirt from season 4, The Trouble With Harry
Again no t-shirt, Murdock wore suits the entire time.

Murdock's T-Shirt from season 5, The Theory of Revolution
Red with yellow lettering: Growing Harmony The Danger Rests In The Controversy

Random Collectable

Inside Man


Customizable Card Game,  Alternate Universe (1995)