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On The Way To Civil War
May 25th. 2017

John McCain is a Viet Nam war veteran who was tortured, and I bow my head and respect him for his military service, but his political service is another question. At the moment,he has gleefully compared the Nixon Watergate scandal to the Comey memo scandal, whatever that is. There is no evidence that Trump is guilty of anything, even though a special council has been appointed to prosecute a crime that does not exist. McCain has walked it back a little, but not enough to stop the unsupported fantasy that Trump colluded with the Russians. Please refer to my last piece posted here or better yet, to the new post by Victor Davis Hanson (REGIME CHANGE BY ANY OTHER NAME) up on the National Review Online site!

McCain was the courier for the FBI dossier accusing Trump of something McCain seems to know a lot about, golden showers: a sex urination party! Here is a quote from the Guardian news service:

"According to the AP here is what McCain said about the Trump administration: Senator John McCain passed documents to the FBI director, James Comey, last month alleging secret contacts between the Trump campaign and Moscow and that Russian intelligence had personally compromising material on the president-elect himself." It has been alleged that the FBI paid for the development of the dossier.

"The material, which has been seen by the Guardian, is a series of reports on Trump's relationship with Moscow. They were drawn up by a former western counter-intelligence official, now working as a private consultant. BuzzFeed on Tuesday published the documents, which it said were "unverified and potentially unverifiable". Sen. John McCain says the latest revelations out of the Trump White House are "at a point where it's of Watergate size and scale. (That's a lot of urine!) "The Arizona Republican says, "We've seen this movie before." He spoke Tuesday night at a dinner where he was receiving the International Republican Institute's Freedom Award."

"The shoes continue to drop, and every couple days there's a new aspect," McCain said in comments reported by the Daily Beast.

McCain says Trump needs to "get it all out ... and the longer you delay, the longer it's going to last." "The shoes continue to drop, and every couple days there's a new aspect," McCain said in comments reported by the Daily Beast."

The problem is that all of the stories have eventually been proven wrong or unsubstantiated, with unnamed sources. The shoes that are dropping are high heels that McCain can place on his dainty feet and wear them to his heart's delight. They are not evidence of Trump collusion with the Russians and McCain can "he-he-he" along with Comey, but if we find out that the now famous "golden Shower" fake dossier, no matter how familiar McCain is with golden showers, was in fact paid for by the FBI, they will not be going "he-he-he" for long.

What has McCain done for the Republican Party and the American people?

According to the AP here is what McCain said: His advice to the American people when he was the Republican candidate for president in 2008 was this: "I want to be president of the United States, and I don't want Obama to be," he said. "But I have to tell you, I have to tell you, he is a decent person, and a person that you do not have to be scared as President of the United States."

I lost my voice when I heard him say that. He had already forced the North Carolina Republican party to remove a political ad claiming that Jeremiah Wright was too extreme for North Carolina. Considering that Wright was, on the record, a Jew hating, America hating bigot, and Obama's mentor for twenty years, the ad was hard hitting, but true and on target, but McCain prevailed, and as you know, he lost the election.

We also know what has happened since! The entire Middle East is on fire with almost half a million dead, and Iran is well on its way to getting the OBAMA BOMB. I call it the O-BOMB!

McCain then spent eight years attacking Obama forgetting that he had ever given that warm and fuzzy love picture of a known socialist/Marxist. (Please read RADICAL IN CHIEF, The real Political Biography of Barack Obama by Stanley Kurtz).

McCain, "The Maverick" never apologized for being so dangerously wrong. He just pretended that his words never existed. His fear of being called a racist appealed to his political brain but overwhelmed his intellect, and the words political coward and bully should be applied to John McCain.

Donald Trump foiled some of the fundamental transformation promised by Obama, and it proved that McCain was on the wrong side of the republican electorate.

There was a very intemperate comment by Trump, intimating that McCain's capture in Viet Nam was a sign of wartime cowardice, a terrible slander, especially because there was a mountain of political cowardice Trump could have gleaned onto, but an enemy was created and as usual McCain was unable to see the political truth and get over it.

McCain and the deep state, want to destroy Trump! Almost every attack upon Trump is an unnamed source and that should tell you something. It will be the subject of my next missive. The United States is involved in a civil war! There are issues that may come to light that will turn this country upside down.

Dwight Schultz

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Open letter to Chris Wallace
May 17th. 2017

ENEMY: A person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.

Dear Mr. Wallace,

You and the entire news media have become Captain Ahab in search of the great white whale, Trump! The American consumer of news is the crew of the Pequod and we have a pretty good idea where this story is headed. The above definition of enemy is the very reality that defines you and today's egocentric and very ideological news media.

I was prompted to write this, because of your passionate give and take with Reince Priebus, after president Trump called the news media an enemy of the American people. You were seemingly quite upset by that proclamation, but from my perspective Trump was right! Look at that definition above. There is no question that your brotherhood is hostile to Trump!

Let me ask you this Mr. Wallace: Do you think that the three crimes committed against the President of the United States and its people are a serious matter? You are aware that the president is the victim of three separate crimes aren't you?

Last week when Sally Yates stated that she had not been questioned by the FBI concerning the General Michael Flynn leak, were you shocked and angry? I was astonished by her answer because she was the only known individual to have been legally in possession of the Flynn classified information. Why was there the complete lack of shock by the news media? Did anyone In the news media demand that Comey answer questions about his failure to investigate the criminal leaks? These crimes were damaging to the president and our country. These were criminal acts. The president of The United States was the victim of serial crimes, and he lost his national security advisor, but there was no real interest in the new media about those crimes against him and our country.

The news media do not want the consumers of news to focus on known crimes, but rather they want us to focus on the Progressive anti Trump innuendo, which is: Russia! Russia! Russia! Why? On that Sunday when you and Preibus went at it tooth and nail, Tom Cotton hit you directly on top of your head with the bullet points that demonstrated what real Russian influence would look like, but your answer was total silence! You issued no reply, just a childish smile and then there was silent evasion. It was as if nothing important had been said to you. Were you obtuse or obsessed?

This is all very ironic. Who abrogated all of the treaties with our eastern European allies at the seeming behest of the Russian government? Who patted Medvedev on the arm and told him to tell Putin, a Russian by the way, that he would have more room to maneuver after the election? Who ignored the aggression in the Ukraine and the Crimea invasion? Who, according to Ben Rhodes, was in secret contact with Iran, a client state of Russia, for over a four year period, facilitating the transfer of billions of dollars? Who failed to cross the red line in Syria benefitting Assad, another client of Russia? There was no vile and furious anger in the news media...no calls of treason...and no demand to explain why Obama had singlehandedly brought Putin, back in control of middle east politics by double crossing all of our allies. There was no outrage that a lot of that Iranian cash would be used to buy sophisticated air defense weapons from guess who? Wait a minute! Obama has been helping the Russians for eight years and his leftovers are now blaming Trump for what Obama did! This is very good Saul Alinsky subversion theology! Sorry Mr. Wallace, you are an enemy of America! You cannot obscure the truth behind the crimes, and then pretend you're fair and balanced. The obstacle in front of you is your insatiable obsession to kill that great white Trump of a whale, and you are willing to take the whole ship down to do it! Tell the truth about the last eight years!

Get over it, you lost the election!.........................

Dwight Schultz

This open letter to Chris Wallace, the host of Fox News Sunday in the United States, was initially going to be private, but after several newsworthy events, and the lack of real coverage of those events, I decided to simply make it public, because it is almost universally applicable.

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Howling Mad World Review (show 25)
November 16th. 2016

In this podcast Dwight talks about the presidential elections in the United States and the new elected president Donald Trump. Enjoy the show and if you like you are able to post a comment on the official message board! Dwight always loves some feedback.

Please if you are not interested in listening to an actor rant about political matters or social justice matters please leave because you will just be upset and I don't want to upset you. This is about what is going on in the USA right now.

Howling Mad Radio! show 25.

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Howling Mad Rant 2 about Dallas (show 23)
July 11th. 2016

Dwight again starts to rant. This time about the police officers that were shot in Dallas and the black live matters demonstrations.

Please if you are not interested in listening to an actor rant about political matters or social justice matters please leave because you will just be upset and I don't want to upset you. This is about what is going on in the USA right now.

Howling Mad World Rant 2, show 23.

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Howling Mad World Review (19th. podcast)
August 8th. 2014

Things changed so frequently in the world that Dwight kept making changes to his podcast...but here is the final product...show 19!

Howling Mad World Review! show 19.

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Howling Mad World Review (17th. podcast)
July 7th. 2014

Please listen to Dwight's new podcast....enjoy!

Howling Mad World Review, show 17

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Howling Mad World Review (16th. podcast)
July 1st. 2014

Dwight went to the premier of Dinesh D'Souza's AMERICA tonight and recorded a short mp3 for you about the experience.

Howling Mad World Review, show 16

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Howling Mad World Review (15th. podcast)
September 20th. 2013

Dear Howlers,
In this podcast Dwight discusses.....just listen and find out!

Howling Mad World Review, show 15

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Howling Mad World Review (14th. podcast)
September 1st. 2013

Dear Howlers,
In this podcast Dwight discusses Obama's attitude towards the situation in Syria and much more..enjoy.

Howling Mad World Review, show 14

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Howling Mad World Review (13th. podcast)
August 27th. 2013

Dear Howlers,
Dwight has recorded a new podcast for you...enjoy!

Howling Mad World Review! show 13.

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Howling Mad World Review (12th. podcast)
July 24th. 2013

In this brand new Howling Mad World Review podcast Dwight is thanking everyone who took the trouble to visit him at the Comic Con in San Diego. Of course Dwight discusses American politics because we live in Howlling Mad world....and his sweet dog Buffy decided to talk to you as well, wasn't Dwight's fault..Buffy just thought let's join in!.

Howling Mad World Review! show 12.

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Howling Mad World Review (11th. podcast)
June 30th. 2013

Dear Howlers,

Your Howler in Chief discusses Obama's trip to Africa, Obama's promotion of homosexuality and the US economy.

Howling Mad World Review! show 11.

Dwight's short verbal response to a comment on Facebook that he was hateful.

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Howling Mad World Review (10th. podcast)
June 29th. 2013

Dear Howlers,

Your "Howler in Chief" is back from travelling from West to East and back again. He is still working on a written piece that will be published on this official website at a later time. And in a couple of days time you will find another new podcast..Enjoy!

Howling Mad World Review! show 10.

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Howling Mad World Review (9th. podcast)
May 14th. 2013

The following show, is show number 9. Now you probably wonder...where is show 8, did the webmasters make a mistake, did they forget to upload it or did they get the numbers mixed up? No, no, this really IS show 9.

As Dwight informed you in show 6 he recorded about 10 shows and in some shows he recorded he was too, too, too. He just couldn't publish them because he considered himself ending up being too crude, too violent, too ugly about whatever it was he was talking about.......so show 8 got skipped but we do upload show 9. This is the Howling Mad Frustration Show!

Please note that Dwight wants to alert you about the fact that he misspoke when he said "Prime Minister Harper" ...should have been Cameron!

Howling Mad World Review! show 9.

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I am your President, Ha, Ha, Ha!
May 12th. 2013

I must preface this piece with information that is related, but was released too late to incorporate while I was composing this article.

Families of the Seal Team Six Special SOPS Unit, responsible for killing Usama Bin Laden, held a press conference to expose some of the details of the horrific killing of members belonging to the unit in Afghanistan...I invite you to examine the details on your own...a link is provided...At the memorial service for these brave Americans, words connected to the Judeo-Christian God were forbidden!...this is verified information!....Don't let anyone tell you it was the military that made the decision. The Military must conform to the President's wishes. If they don't obey orders, they are guilty of insubordination; therefore their only choice would be to resign or obey orders!...They get their orders from President Obama and his civilian, culture changing, advisor-media hybrids!...A Muslim Imam was brought in to conduct the service, and according to a certified translation, The Imam condemned the dead from Seal Team Six to hell...It is actually much worse, but it is another victory for Obama!...Don't ever trust those who proclaim that they are your enemy! May Obama's soul suffer the same for his many deceptions!

And here is a link to another unfortunate piece of information which ties the last six months up into a neat little bow!

Presidents of ABC and CBS News Have Siblings Working at White House With Ties to Benghazi

America, I am your president....ha,ha,ha!

Barack Obama forbids federal officials from using words like "Radical Islamist", and you can infer much from his scrubbing! When he purges members of the federal government who have previously imparted information about Radical Islam, people die! It just happens that it is Americans who die. It is clear that you can die by a drone in Pakistan, if Obama says the right words, but you can also die by what is suppressed from being said. When you are Barack Obama there is not much difference!

When Chris Stephens, U.S. Ambassador, used words like "radical Islamist" in his cables to The State Department they were ignored...not "maybe they were ignored"...they were ignored! Four Americans died because the truth had to be suppressed to keep Obama's ideology intact! If the President had not expunged those very weighty words...If they were not forbidden...if they had been seen as a grave warning as opposed to a politically incorrect, Islamophobic overreaction, perhaps...just perhaps...the deaths could have been avoided, but Obama's world would have come tumbling down.

In Obama's world, people die through the process of programmed ignorant silence!

This apparently happened in Boston, and this ignorance is Obama's most disgusting legacy. The beauty of it, from a Neo Marxist standpoint, is that it never comes back to haunt Obama. His expanded government expunges the words and then pretends that the dangers connected to those words were also expunged...somehow assumed into the netherworld. Of course this fantasy kills people.

Obama's ideological policy cannot accept Islam as the cause of violence, therefore The United States is and has always been responsible for all international violence and specifically for the recent attack on its own consulate, even if the attackers happened to be Islamic. Just as we provoked the Islamists who attacked the World Trade Center in 2001...they were provoked by American imperialism. Just ask Tamerlan Tsarnaev's mother.

For most of us, radical Islamists attacked American civilians during the running of The Boston Marathon, but I'm also sure you noticed that the entire Obama alliance were hoping that it was anything other than what it actually was. They wanted it to be any white man...a veteran...a Christian...a Mormon...a Jew...a tax day right winger...someone high up on Obama's and Janet Napolitano's "potential terrorist list"...and they should be ashamed of that list!.....They wanted it to be anyone but America's existential enemy, that is why any written reference to Islamic ideological background has been expunged from federal dossiers. IT DOES NOT EXIST...

They have developed a new phrase "self radicalized"... which again avoids the truth, but this evolution of the lexicon allows them to use the world "radical"...without specific meaning. They were able to get by the Islamic terror attack at Fort Hood by calling it workplace violence; however that wasn't possible in Boston. The Tsarnaev brothers are connected to the infamous Islamic Center of Boston and to the Chechen Islamists...there is a connecting pattern to this and the President's failed policies...he is a blind powerful ideologue!

President Obama abandoned four living members of his ambassadorial staff when they needed him the most, and they died as a direct result of that abandonment.

Who cares about an American ambassador anyway, he represents a country that is not exceptional.

And Obama will abandon you too, just when you need him the most! Wait and see!

Dwight Schultz

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Howling Mad World Review (7th. podcast)
May 10th. 2013

Dear Howlers,

In Dwight's seventh podcast, your "Howler in Chief" discusses the Benghazi hearings.

Howling Mad World Review! show 7.

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Howling Mad World Review (6th. podcast)
May 4th. 2013

Dear Howlers,

In Dwight's sixth podcast, your "Howler in Chief" discusses the latest developments in the United States and around the world. You will note that he doesn't mention the Boston Bombing in this podcast because that's the subject of a written piece, which he is still working on and that will be published on this website at a later time.

Howling Mad World Review! show 6.

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Obama's Humane Policy
March 8th. 2013

This is Kahlid Sheik Mohammad before suffering the effects of the Bush administration's policy of enhanced interrogation.

This is Kahlid Sheik Mohammad after 182 waterboardings. He revealed information leading to the death of Usama Bin Laden, and he will still be able to own and run a goat farm, should he be released from United States custody.

This is Anwar Awalaki before suffering the Obama Drone Strike policy.

This is Anwar Awalaki after suddenly coming in contact with Obama's Drone strike policy. He was feed for six goats and three Al-Qaida operatives. No further information was available. Although I mostly agree with both policies, I ask you to determine which is the most humane, and if you believe that Barack Obama was actually concerned with waterboarding or rather creating animus toward the Bush administration and the United States?

Dwight Schultz

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Can You Call It Good
March 7th. 2013

"Evil exists in individuals and in institutions, in well-meaning laws and bureaucracies. Sometimes, most dangerously, it even masquerades as the good.

Goodness, too, can remain dormant for long stretches, but unlike evil, it doesn't change. Truth is immutable; it never goes away. And it doesn't need to be reconstructed or refurbished. Mark Twain put that very simply once. When you tell the truth, he said, you don't have to remember anything."

This is a quote from Roger L. Depue's book BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL which details the development of the FBI Behavioral Science Unit, that explored and unraveled the twisted minds of serial killers. It is a remarkable book about his personal and scientific quest into a dark, hidden world that most investigators had avoided until he began his journey.

Prediction and evaluation are essential aspects of all science. The social sciences have frequently been criticized as "non-science", because experiments have been difficult to carry out in these areas, but Depue and his FBI unit proved it was not impossible. Also, I think many of his observations can be carefully applied to other kinds on deviations from the norm, not just the serial killer.

When a public figure lies consistently about public issues, what are we to make of it, from a social standpoint. Almost 78% of Americans identify themselves as Christian and the number of Muslims in the United States is approximately 2.6 million, yet Barack Obama has said "The United States is no longer a Christian nation", and "The United States is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world" 1*. It is deception or pure delusion! Both of these statements are unequivocally false, however they stand as a part of his philosophical rational for political action. He has encouraged the radical Islamic revolution, nicknamed "The Arab Spring", and has ignored the thousands of Christians and non-Muslims who have been murdered and driven violently from their homes. Can this be called "good"?

Barack Obama has accepted the use of the audacious lie as a matter of political expediency and effect, because he knows he will not be held accountable. Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed that Israeli ambassador Michael Oren had openly warned "...Republican policies would be dangerous for Israel". The lie was exposed as an absolute calumny by THE DAILY CALLER which produced audio of her deception. She never addressed the audio, but called the reporter a liar and THE DAILY CALLER conservative. She was never reprimanded by Obama or his Progressive party, but rather she was re-elected as head of the DNC. Having been exposed publically as a liar, she only needed to place her arms around Gabby Giffords and a few children to prove her value and worth to Obama, as well as his entire Progressive administration. Can this be called "good"?

His false statements have not been illuminated by the American Progressive media, which have trumpeted the Progressive agenda through outlandish repetition. How many times have you heard Obama refer to "middle class" or say he wanted millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share ...when in fact he wanted to raise taxes on anyone making over $250,000. Can we call this "good"? In a recent Jeanne Kaufman NEO-NEOCON blog, she resurrected this notable gem from Joseph Goebbels. "It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise." Who better than Joseph Goebbels to elucidate our present situation.

Obama has also lied about the deaths of four Americans, which were the result of the terrorist attack in Benghazi. Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods were abandoned and killed on the anniversary of 9/11, by an Al-Qaida related group. Obama and Hillary Clinton made a public relations video, distributed in Pakistan and elsewhere, blaming an amateur anti-Muslim video, claiming that it was a demonstration that got out of hand, even though they knew that the attack on the consulate was a terrorist attack. Can we call this "good", or can we say that it is something masquerading as "good"?

During the Presidential debates with Mitt Romney, Obama blamed Republicans for the idea of the coming sequestration, which was a lie, and once again the compliant Progressive media remained silent. The lie was preparatory to political action, but lies are not, like truth, immutable. An untruth can substantively become anything the purveyor wants it to mean. The Obama machine forgot that Bob Woodward had written about sequestration in his book, THE PRICE OF POLITICS which preceded the lie...and so if Obama's lie were to stand, it would have made Woodward look like a besmirched journalist. That was a small error. Here is the sequence; here is how the lie changed:

1)The idea for sequestration policy began in the Obama White House as a "spending cuts only bill" according to Bob Woodward. This has now been admitted by Jay Carny.

2) Obama threatens to veto any legislation that changes the severity of the cuts in the sequestration Bill. He proclaims that there will be no "off ramps" from his policy, and he will veto any attempt by Republicans to reapportion the "across the board" cuts.

3) During his debate with Mitt Romney, Obama claimed that sequestration was a Republican idea, not his!

4) Obama demands that Republicans reapportion the cuts in the Sequestration bill, as long as there are new tax increases.

5) Can this be called "good"?

If Republicans want to avoid a thumping while more lies are crammed into the Progressive media pipeline, they must use the immutable truth. There will surely be a flash fire and an onslaught of character assassination in return, but it will be a lie...it will sound hollow...and will wither next to the actual truth. Republicans must state the truth about the man who would be emperor in America. He's not wearing any cloths and his intentions are not good...not good at all!

Dwight Schultz

Footnotes 1:

Poll: Nearly 80 percent of Americans say they are Christian

More than three-quarters of Americans identify themselves as Christian, Gallup reports. Pollsters found that 78 percent of Americans identify with Christianity. Overall, more than 82 percent of Americans have a religious identity, with this percentage breakdown: 52.5: Protestant/other Christian 23.6: Catholic

Number of Muslims in the U.S. doubles since 9/11 Mormonism grows 45% and spreads across nation BY MEGHAN NEAL / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 3, 2012, 12:49 PM

Immigration and conversion are the driving force behind the rising number of Muslims in America. A new survey reveals the dramatically changing face of religion in America, with the number of Muslims in the U.S. soaring 67% in the decade since the 9/11 attacks. Data released Tuesday from the 2010 U.S. Religion Census shows Islam was the fastest growing religion in America in the last 10 years, with 2.6 million living in the U.S. today, up from 1 million in 2000.


Footnote mp3-1

Footnote mp3-2

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Howling Mad World Review (5th. podcast)
October 20th. 2012

Dear Howlers,

In Dwight's fifth podcast, your "Howler in Chief" discusses the debates that you probably have been watching, just like Dwight did.

Howling Mad World Review! show 5.

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That Which Is Not Being Said
October 17th. 2012

That which is not being said is, as usual, the most critical information for anyone trying to understand what is happening in the Middle East, especially in light of the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi. Until this clear, bold and almost celebratory act of terror, America was in an Obama induced state of ennui, aided and abetted by the greatest disinformation app ever devised for a giant cell phone, the American Progressive Media.

I began writing this piece prior to the Presidential debate on the 16th of October, and I was hoping for some clarity from Romney, because I know he and his campaign are aware of the truth, but a dormant truth is a sad and pathetic thing, and must be exposed if it is to have any of the satisfying effects that such light produces.

During the Cairo riots, just outside the American embassy, Mohammad Zawahiri, brother of Ayman Zawahiri, told a CNN reporter that America should release Omar Abdul Rahman, the Blind Sheikh, just as Mohammad Morsi, President of Egypt and Leader of The Muslim Brotherhood had suggested; this would be a gesture of good will he said. Morsi had encouraged the crowds to assemble to protest a video, which had appeared on YouTube and which seemed to dishonor the Prophet Mohammad. Zawahiri admitted to the CNN reporter that he had not seen the video, but had only had it described to him. Meanwhile in Benghazi, The United States ambassador and three other Americans were murdered in cold blood by Al-Qaida related terrorists, identifying themselves as "The Blind Sheikh Brigade". Protests erupted around the world over the video that hardly anyone had seen, and a successful act of war and humiliation against the United States triumphantly served to raise the venomous specter of new Al-Qaida's threats.

Here is the simple and unspoken truth. Ayman Zawahiri, Mohammad Zawahiri, Mohammad Morsi, and Omar Abdul Rahman are all members of The Muslim Brotherhood and also members of Al-Qaida. A duck is a duck and by the way, is a duck! Three of them are working together to achieve an objective, which is the release of Abdul Rahman. That's three ducks and a duck! The president of the United States and the Secretary of State have been negotiating with, dining with, and financing the very individuals who they claim to have set back on their heels. They have removed all language from American war and legal manuals that refer to Islamic Jihad. They have destroyed the careers of those who would teach that there is something called violent jihad. They have accepted members of the Muslim Brotherhood with open arms and have welcomed their influence, believing that there is a real distinction between Zawahiri the Brother and Zawahiri the Al-Qaida terrorist. A white duck is a duck, and a black duck is....well..not a white duck!

I'm sure you are wondering where the video fits in. Why did the President and Secretary of State make a propaganda video to reach the population of Pakistan denying that The U.S. has any connection to this video? Why did Susan Rice use the video story as an excuse on five Sunday talk shows? Why did the President make constant reference to this video at The United Nations? Why did The Chairman of The Joint Chiefs, Martin Dempsey, call Pastor Terry Jones to tell him to stop working on this anti-Muslim video when Jones had nothing to do with it? Why is this video so important.

Walid Shoebat has written a piece at his blog, please read it, where he identifies Nakoula Nakoula as a tool of Muslim terror supporters and not a Coptic Christian. This trailer was placed on Youtube back in June, ready for the right moment to exploit. This is precisely what happened when the Danish cartoon nightmare seized the Islamic world, the most offensive cartoons were forgeries created by Imams to foment passions...not the actual Danish cartoons. Morsi and the Zawahiri brothers are laughing at Obama and Hillery Clinton. How easy it was to cause worldwide chaos and in the middle of it all, demonstrate the humiliating power of Al-Qaida, knowing that Obama and Clinton will never admit to the penetration of the Brotherhood into the highest levels of the American Government, especially The Secretary O State's closest advisor, Huma Abedin. Morsi and the Zawahiriies have made their point and Clinton has vowed to continue to fund those who want to kill us. Again, The Brotherhood is laughing as they imagine how they're going to place various heads on their blood soaked mantle. Obama and Hillary can only protect Huma for so long before she will pay the price. If Obama is re-elected, we will all suffer the ignoble fate of his despicable ideology. He told such enormous lies during tonight's debate, that one hopes that even this media will acknowledge the deceptions and report that he lied about what happened to the American citizens at the Benghazi embassy, and his administration did cut oil drilling permits by over 50%...he simply lied...and he promised to bankrupt anyone wanting to open a coal based power plant!...these aren't the small lies that politicians usually tell, this is perpetrating fraud.

The Chairman of The Joint Chiefs, General Martin Dempsey, should resign in protest for having been disgracefully used to bring the power of the military down upon a civilian. Who asked him to do it? It would be a good thing for the country if he resigned.

Please read the Walid Shoebat piece and I've linked to an article by Andrew McCarthy which is also enlightening.

Dwight Schultz

Article by Andrew McCarthy.

Walid Shoebat piece: Innocence of Muslims Film was Made by Terrorists.

When it comes to the film Innocence of Muslims, our government and the media uses a narrative mired in contradictions and false statements provided by the filmmaker, who himself is an untrustworthy source. If we stick to what can be proven we might obtain the possibility that terror supporters produced the film. Muhammad Al Dura and Pallywood are two cases in point showing the type of stunts used by Palestinian terrorists.

So lets examine facts instead of the filmmaker's fiction.

Court documents reveal that Nakoula Bacile Nakoula, producer of the movie Innocence of Muslims, partnered in a scheme with Eiad Salameh, my first cousin. Eiad is a Muslim terror supporter and is not an Egyptian Copt.He comes from Beit Sahour, Bethlehem and is well known by the FBI and the Arab community as a conduit for Middle Easterners who can obtain authentic, legitimate identifications, from passports to credit cards that include many nationalities. He then places these forms of identification into the hands of dubious characters that are not the real identity. In fact, I revealed Eiad Salameh way before this whole fiasco erupted in 2008 and the first reporting on the connection between Eiad and Nakoula was revealed on September 14th, 2012 by the Smoking Gun, which published court documents that prove these two were connected in 2009, as part of a major financial fraud scheme.The narrative that circulates the media fails to address crucial questions about the mystery of this film.

For example, to date, no one has stepped forward or can confirm for certain that whoever holds an identity by the name of Nakoula Bacile Nakoula is even that man. After all, he held several identifications, including Muslim names. He could have easily presented a valid I.D. when he was arrested, yet he was likely not the man on that I.D.

Such a claim isn't easily dismissed; if an Egyptian by the name of Nakoula Bacile Nakoula is blamed for angering over a billion Muslims, it would not be that difficult to find the entire family in Egypt, to include brothers, cousins, aunts, siblings wife, wives, ex-wives, mistresses, and pets, et... al., especially since the riots that spanned across 30 nations were sparked in Egypt. In the Middle East, you are known by your clan. Yet, Egypt cannot produce neither this man's family or his background?

Besides, why would Nakoula - who claims to be a religious Coptic activist - have extensive connections with Eiad, a man who I know hates Copts and is well- known to be among the best schemers the Middle East produced and has contacts with terror networks?

This terror connect is not devoid of evidence. The Daily Beast reported on Nakoula's arrest: The bust came around the time the feds were launching Operation Mountain Express, which would become a huge investigation into pseudoephedrine-dealing involving numerous people of a Middle Eastern background. The authorities initially insisted there were no links to terrorism, but suddenly switched and decided that a chunk of the money was going to Hizbullah. The Eiad Nakoula connection was likely terror-related.

Nakoula impersonated himself as an Israeli Jew, a thing Eiad also did for years and fraudulently holds an authentic Israeli passport. To date, no one has produced proof to authenticate Nakoula. Yet, evidence shows with 100% certainty that both my cousin Eiad and Nakoula had multiple, fraudulent identities as we showed in our detailed report, which includes valid court records, a U.S. Trustee report, credit reports and our correspondence with Canadian intelligence. How is it possible that these two strange bedfellows would snuggle up together? On the one hand, we have an Egyptian-Coptic-anti-Muslim-activist-fundamentalist-Christian turned Meth-dealer and on the other hand, we have a Muslim-Palestinian scam-artist-terrorist. Some might counter that these two only had a fling. After all, Nakoula was simply a runner for Eiad in 2009. What has never been disclosed until now is that the two were linked for at least a decade, from year 2000 through a bank fraud relationship in 2009. Nakoula had used the name "P.J Tobacco" and Eiad was linked to a tobacco smuggling operation into Syria in 2001 by using a fictitious name (A & M Trading) as revealed in the U.S. Trustee report in 2001. Nakoula used M&A Trading in 2009 with his pseudoephedrine dealings. He simply switched letters; "A&M" became "M&A". Nakoula used Eiad's last name when he assumed the identity of a one "Erwin Salameh", portraying himself as Eiad's brother.

We also learned - from our contact at the Peel Police Intelligence Bureau in Canada (hereafter referred to as IBC)- that Eiad was involved with someone having the last name "Tanas" and Nakoula had used the name "Thomas J. Tanas". Both clans "Nakoula" and clan "Tanas" exist in Eiad's village, in Beit Sahour Bethlehem. It is still the little town of Bethlehem as it was in biblical times. Now let's examine "Nakoula's" motives. I obtained the Sawa radio interview in Arabic in which he was identified as "Nakoula Bacile". In that interview, he was asked: What is your position on the Jewish and the Christian faiths? Nakoula responded, "I have no calling for these religions." He continued to state that he was an author of several anti-Islam books (written in Arabic) but refused to give the titles of his books. Yet, if court documents give his legal name as Nakoula Bacile Nakoula, I found no books under that name. Nothing - and neither was anyone able to produce any. The media's narrative has nothing and this supposed Nakoula was proven a liar a hundred times over. Yet, the media purports that the man is a Christian activist Copt. All of this man's claims have been proven to be lies. However, this one is believed? Even what his friend stated to the court, that Nakoula is "a God-fearing man whose first priority is his family" contradicts what he said in Arabic. He is not interested in Christianity or Judaism and is possibly a Muslim.

So who funded the film?

Nakoula claimed that he produced the film with money ($50,000 to $60,000) that came from his wife's family in Egypt. None of this has been proven. What has been proven is that he embezzled millions with Eiad. The money must have come from these scandalous operations, which our government finally admitted is linked to terrorist activity. Who ever made this film, claimed Jews funded him and that he was Copt. Obviously, this was intended to do harm to his real enemies - Israel and the Copts. Both Copts and Israel are Eiad's ardent enemies. This is indisputable. Now, to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the feds were complacent...Justice Department lawyers and federal agents, despite Nakoula's two previous offenses, defended Nakoula and gave several excuses to Judge Snyder, and pushed for leniency, all because of him supposedly promising to help them catch Eiad: ...he [Nakoula] has implicated Mr. Salamay [aka Salameh] there is no question that Mr. Salamay at some point is gonna be indicted if he hasn't already been...we all know what's gonna happen. Salamay is gonna get arrested some day and based on the debriefing information turned over he is gonna enter a guilty plea, or if he doesn't, then Mr. Nakoula is going to be called in to testify...If the feds were looking to catch Eiad, he had been engaged his shenanigans for three decades, warrants were issued, his location was known and no arrests were ever made...in thirty some years.

The evidence mounted. However, Eiad was not immune in Canada and was finally caught and locked up there in January 2011. We have emails from the IBC contact who wrote us. The Canadians wanted to keep Eiad in custody as long as it took to extradite him to the United States. Yet, the U.S. refused for seven months to take him and preferred to fly him to Palestine.

On July 15th, 2011, the Canadians wrote me: He is awaiting deportation to Palestine, unless the US hurry up and indict him...The feds never responded to the Canadians' last appeal and within a few days, Eiad was sent to Palestine. I realize that people might try to shoot holes in what we are saying. However, the media has very little evidence to prove its narrative, while we present much validated facts that prove much while leaving more to uncover. The results of this entire Innocence of Muslims fiasco will not be the apprehension of terrorists, but the continual chipping away at our First-Amendment freedoms. Unfortunately, many Americans still practice self-blame. The film was made in the U.S., a nation that is not used to schemes like Muhammad Al Dura or what was shown in Pallywood. Welcome to Pallywood II.

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Howling Mad World Review (4th. podcast)
October 1st. 2012

Dear Howlers,

Your 'Howler in Chief', proud to howl because the world is insane, has been very busy. Events forced him to take steps into many directions at once, therefore it took a while before he was able to record a new podcast. The world is about right and wrong, some of us are right and some of us are wrong...click the link and listen to podcast number 4!

Howling Mad World Review! show 4.

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It Is Not Real
September 30th. 2012

Pat Caddell, the former Democratic pollster, has called the media "an enemy of the people" and it's about time. Last week on Fox News'SPECIAL REPORT, Bret Baier held up the front page of THE NEW YORK TIMES and noted that our Libyan ambassador and three others had been murdered and the administration knew it was a terrorist attack within 24 hours, but...there was no coverage of this revelation on the front page of THE TIMES. It didn't exist. The truth didn't exist!

The President's past and present does not exist. The President did not apologize for the American principle of free speech. The President didn't say "you didn't build that". The President's school records do not exist. The President's $100 million relationship with Bill Ayres does not exist. His bowing to select foreign dignitaries didn't happen. He never said that the Muslim population in the U.S. makes it one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. He didn't start his political career as a member of a political party that bragged "we are against American enterprise itself". He didn't appoint an admitted Communist as his Green Czar. He did not appoint as architect of his domestic energy policy, a man who stated that he would de-develop the United States, and that America must lower its standard of living for the benefit of the poor around the world.

It is time for Bret Baier from FOX, Jake Tapper from ABC, and Joel Pollak from Breitbart.com to directly confront Brian Williams, Bob Schieffer, Ted Koppel and Diane Sawyer with charges of personal and perfidious negligence. These media elites could not withstand 30 minutes of honest questioning. The American people have a right to know who Barack Obama is, and some journalists on both side of the political isle know that the truth was purposely kept from the electorate. If the news industry does not confront its "lies by omission", and if it continues to propagandize rather than report the news, the danger that has already evinced itself, will grow to unmanageable proportions. It is supposed to be an adversarial press, not a privileged protectorate!

The events surrounding the death of Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty on the anniversary of 9/11 at our embassy, and the chants "Obama, Obama, we are all Osama" heard outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo, should awaken every American to some difficult truths. Do you feel certain that the protection Barack provided our ambassador is indicative of the protection he has in mind for you? The American electorate has not been given the cogent unassailable truth leading up to this planned murder. Instead, we are sending $450 million to a 7th century fanatic who mockingly uses the term "humanitarian" while he demands the release of Abdul Rahman. Why not Charles Manson? I mean...really? Why not Charles Manson? Check him out...he talkes about killing in much the same way as Rahman does...I'm sure that if Barack or Huma Abadin spoke a few tortured words in praise of Charlie, that Brian Williams might be able to get behind it...and then Diane...and then Bob and Ted...and then...well you know how it goes. When you remove the words that describe your enemy, you are left to imagine all kinds of things while the walls come tumbling down. In a few weeks none of this will be real. It won't exist. The fantasy that is Barack Obama will continue to dominate unless an event so blunderiffic pops the public like a fire cracker on the fourth...Holy cow! This could all come apart...Holy cow!...This is real!. Quick, what does it say on the front page of THE TIMES...What!...There's nothing there...Oh...it's "gay appreciation day"...Whew...I was really worried there for a minute!.....Never mind!

Dwight Schultz

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Howling Mad World Review (3th. podcast)
September 10th. 2012

Dear howlers, in Dwight's third Howling Mad World Review podcast, your "Howler in Chief" discusses The Democratic National Convention, and reacts to the content of some emails he received.

Howling Mad World Review! show 3.

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The Lies of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
September 9th. 2012

Something very serious happened during The Democratic National Convention, which should have become an important issue for every conservative and Republican, but instead it was treated as a "so what's new" event. In politics, like comedy, almost everything is timing. If you are not ready to defend the truth, you are prepared to embrace the cancerous lie.

Debby Wasserman Schultz, the head of The Democratic National Committee, was caught lying to her Jewish constituents in order to garner votes. This was nothing new, but the nature of her lie was. She used an Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, as a vessel for her lie. She then crafted a lie and put it into the ambassador's mouth, warning that Republican policies were dangerous for Israel. She then boldly denied that she said it. She accused the journalist, Philip Klein, who reported the lie of being a liar, and claimed it was because he was a conservative. When audio surfaced, and proved Klein to be telling the truth, Schultz arrogantly refused to apologize for her dissembling. Ambassador Oren immediately denied ever saying such a thing, which was the right thing to do, but Republicans and Democrats failed to assist the truth. Schultz then went on to give a speech at the Democratic convention as if nothing happened.

These lies are extreme even by American political standards. Another non-surprise is that Schultz has not had to bear any consequences, because the Democratic Party has looked the other way and doesn't consider Ambassador Michael Oren worth an apology. This is the Obama legacy. If you saw the delegates attempt to remove Israel's capital and God from their Obamanation, you begin to see the arrogance and the lies spreading like a yeast infection. When there is an Israeli looking for a place to stay, there will be no room at the inn...not in Obama's Party. Israel is a casualty of the new Obama policy; the victim of a disease brought on by Barack Obama, and now carried to the extreme by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the head of the DNC.

Barack Obama is a hard left socialist! That is now irrefutable from a documented standpoint! There was a time when he could have been challenged, but advisors like Karl Rove did not want to offend those who previously voted for Obama, but who now might be having second thoughts. Now, as the preeminent Democrat, he is the living embodiment of the accepted lie, because he has denied not only his radical political background, but all of his intimate chosen relationships with those who want America to be destroyed. The semantic psychotics will fight till the death to deny that he is a radical leftist at heart, but eye witnesses claim he was of the revolutionary Marxist variety, and add to that this question: who would share $100 million with a terrorist, famous for trampling the American flag and pining for the downfall of capitalism? Who would say "God Bless America", while at the same time, behind the scenes, remove the symbols and words that denote God from his political party? Although his advisors claim that Obama had not seen the Democratic platform prior to the controversy, the evidence demonstrates otherwise. Lie builds upon lie, and Republicans and conservatives just look the other way as if the lies are unimportant, then they are astonished that people are supporting Obama. If you do not defend the truth, you are complicit in its demise.

Dwight Schultz

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Howling Mad World Review (2nd. podcast)
September 3th. 2012

Have you listened to Dwight's first podcast, are you ready for podcast number two? Click the link and enjoy!

Howling Mad World Review! show 2.

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Howling Mad World Review (1st. podcast)
August 29th. 2012

Dwight's very first Howling Mad World Review podcast, sit down, take a deep breath and click the link if you dare!

Howling Mad World Review! show 1.

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The Bloody Brotherhood
August 20th. 2012

If it is true that naked Egyptians are in fact being crucified outside the Presidential Palace occupied by the Muslim Brotherhood, than we have been given one more opportunity to save ourselves from intellectual suicide. The story has been confirmed by The Arab News, Al Khabar News, Dostor Watany, Egypt Now, and finally Sky News. This is from Raymond Ibrahim of The Algemeiner "..Far from condemning these terrorists, Al Azhar, Egypt's most authoritative Islamic institution, has just issued a fatwa calling for more violence and oppression, saying that 'fighting participants in anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations planned for 24 August is a religious obligation'."

Hmm, religious obligation?.....This presents a very sticky situation for our chief executive. For you see, Mohammad Morsi, the new Islamic dictator of Egypt and Muslim Brotherhood propagandist, has been invited to the White House by Barack Obama, and not to demonstrate new post seventh century crucifixion techniques. Will the great facilitator rescind his offer to Morsi, or will he turn to a very special person proclaimed by Obama as "a great American patriot", namely Huma Abedin, to extricate him from a potentially embarrassing event? If so, how will Huma guide our Secretary of State and President through Morsi's labyrinth of lies and totalitarian edicts flowing like blood from a sliced neck?

Let's see, will she suggest that disinviting Morsi is unthinkable, therefore Morsi must still be welcomed and Obama should refrain from using the word "crucifixion" in a critical way. The word's relevance to Christianity could be offensive to Muslim sensibilities, which are a most delicate matter, and it would be so hostile an act to criticize the Brotherhood's crucifixions, that Obama could possibly be seen as offending Islam, and that wouldn't be right...right? No matter how many crucifixions take place, no matter how many churches are burned to the ground, no matter how many Copt Christians are slaughtered, no matter how many journalists are arrested for insulting Morsi, Obama must be sensitive at all costs, and remember that truth, if offensive, is forbidden. Instead of telling Morsi that crucifixion is a criminal abomination, how about using euphemisms like "unacceptable" or "not productive"...or better yet, something like "..naked men placed high on natural rough wood for photographic opportunities.."...Of course it's not as bad as water boarding....we can thank The Brotherhood for that.

Will Huma advise Obama to use progressive diplo-crapic speak? Will she request support from Obama's female radical reserves? Could someone like Samantha Power do the trick? She is a paragon of intellectual slop who no doubt owns the copyright for her useless doctrine, RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT...it's working beautifully in Syria and Egypt, Iran and...oh, Chicago!

Barack has surely known about Morsi's revolutionary intentions, because Sean Hannity at FOX NEWS, along with many others have been predicting The Brotherhood's move to Sharia and the Islamic totalitarian state for over a year, so Barack couldn't have missed that. Could he? One must admit that he didn't quite catch what Jeremiah Wright was saying for twenty years, but that's merely your typical anti-Jew, anti-American agitprop. Huma must be in the know about all those little things, like the after crucifixion parties, and how to tell a joke to someone in The Brotherhood...she must have told Barack what details to expect, because there is no shock being expressed, none what so ever. He's so cool he really has become the inferential president! You have to infer what's going on, and like a good show biz provocateur....he always leaves you wanting more!.....Information I mean.

Speaking of information, don't expect the media to ask any questions regarding Obama's Kevorkian course change, guiding America toward irrelevance. The U.S. media are on the event horizon, but are blinded by its darkness. They live in a world of "should" not "is.", and "should" does not exist yet. They have destroyed the simple honor that information providers once enjoyed, and have obfuscated truths solely for the prurient satisfaction derived from crafty political censorship and successful manipulation of public thought...Oh, and Obama's love!

As I mentioned in a previous note, the Huma Abedin situation was suspicious, but now Walid Shoebat over at FRONTPAGE has uncovered an incipient document that is a directive from Saudi Arabia to literally subvert The United States. It is directly analogous to the Brotherhood memorandum uncovered by the FBI in 1991 and is scary enough to regrow testicles on a eunuch. I urge you to read Andrew McCarthy's August 17th piece over at PJ media.com and Jamie Glazov's interview with Walid Shoebat at FRONTPAGEMAG.com to grasp the significance of these events.

P.S. Barack Obama just gave his first press conference since March and the first question from the press was given to Jim Cooney (not sure of spelling). He asked Obama if the views of Todd Akin, Republican candidate for the Missouri senate, about abortion and rape reflected the views of the Republican Party. I'll leave it to you to decide if answering that planted question was the sole reason Obama agreed to get sweaty for thirty minutes.

Dwight Schultz

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Obama's Curiosity
August 7th. 2012

At just around 10:30 pm pacific time on August 5th, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California, saw a seven year herculean effort succeed spectacularly, by placing the one ton CURIOSITY space craft safely on the surface of Mars. I am privileged to know a very few of the extraordinary people responsible for this remarkable event, and I cannot overstate the brilliance, ingenuity, and beautiful blind scientific ambition that propels that special colony of earthly genius, just off the 210 freeway in California.

I could not believe that at their deserved moment of celebration John Holdren took center stage, sounding like a fully fledged supporter of America's primacy in space. He was heaping praise upon the team, but hustling at the same time, hustling the leadership decisions made by Barack Obama, as if they were somehow germane to the scientific achievement on display that night.

Holdren and Obama have all but shredded both the manned and robotic exploration programs, placing all Americans behind the eight ball of Holdren's vision of a de-developed America; reducing NASA's planetary exploration budget from $1.5billion to $1.3 billion in 2013 and ending the partnership with the EU at the same time. Compare that with the outlay of $3.2 billion, twice NASA's old budget, flowing to bankrupt California for a high speed train that no one wants except Obama, Holdren, and radical progressives, and which is already a disgrace of planning with an anticipated final cost of $98 billion from an initial projected cost of $38 billion???? This is Obama's leadership in action.

Obama has already proclaimed that the U.S. is in a race with China for the king of high speed rail...Of course that's an absurdity...screw manned space exploration, screw future planned missions to Mars and the incredible return on the dollar we get from the space program. Screw that we will lose our primacy in space research. Sending comrade Holdren to an extraordinary moment of great achievement and interjecting the illusion of Obama's leadership, even though his intentions are diametrically opposed everything the U.S. space program stands for, is a legitimate usurpation. After all, JPL didn't do that. They probably think they worked real hard, and probably think they're real smart...and probably think that they did that...They probably think that they put that thing on Mars, boy are they in for a surprise!

Dwight Schultz

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Dangerous Gambit
August 4th. 2012

Barack Obama's presidential bid is a "revolutionary" phenomenon in the United States." "It's not to say that there is already a revolution under way in the U.S....but yes, they are laying the foundations for a revolutionary change.

Daniel Ortega"

In 1945 when Roosevelt went to Yalta, he was accompanied by two little treacherous birds, a Hiss and a Hopkins. One of these birds was trained to land on the ball of a hammer and the other on the long handle of a sickle. It would be several decades before the world would know conclusively of their particular treachery, but unfortunately it would only be a few short years before all would suffer from the divisiveness that was the result of their glorious subversions. A great monument to that era stands in New York City today, The United Nations, as impotent and dysfunctional as ever. One of those little birds, Alger Hiss, helped to design the U.N.'s political structure with the Soviet permanent representative to that organization, Andrei Gromyko...The other little bird, Harry Hopkins, instituted "The Lend-Lease Act" for the express purpose of sending tons of uranium to the Soviet Union against the wishes of Leslie Groves, the general in charge of "The Manhattan Project". It was supposed to be a political device for helping our allies, that's what they taught you in school; in part that was true, but Lend-Lease was the mechanism by which Hopkins would ensure that Uncle Joe's plans for world Communist domination would not be disrupted. They didn't tell you that in school!

The declassification of the Soviet secret cable codes known as "Venona" dispelled forever the notion that America was not penetrated, at the highest levels of government, by communist agents. This was quite contrary to what Americans were being told by the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, which we know today by its pejorative label, "The Mainstream Media". It was busy selling the "Red Scare" and "McCarthyism" as settled history to the populace. It was just a witch hunt!

In 1996, after the declassification, the progressives relegated "Venona" to the inner pages of their viewspapers and water closets, while giving it just seconds of airtime on their broadcasts. The import was all but ignored. The virtual dismissal of verified information was so egregious that Harvey Klehr and John Haynes, two scholars who authored "Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage In America", wrote another book "In Denial", which details the corruption of the U.S. University and media culture in America today, and which has culminated in the present situation in our great country.

It all happened once before during 1940's, at the highest levels of government, and it is now happening again, at a slightly higher level, and in a completely different way.

Barack Obama has, without resulting consequences, been disingenuous about almost everything imaginable.

Why would someone sign an agreement with a political party, THE NEW PARTY, which states flatly "we are against American enterprise itself."?

Why would someone ask for the creation of a civilian force as powerful as the U.S. military?

Why would someone begin their political career with three communists in tow: an elected representative who was a self professed communist Alice Palmer, an attempted murderer, Bill Ayers, and his radical wife Bernadine Dorn?

Why would a U.S. president appoint a science advisor, John Holdren, who claims to have a plan to de-develop the United States, and why is the president implementing that plan?

Why would a president of the U.S. invite and welcome into the White House a man who represents an ideological organization that openly states that its goal is to destroy The United States and Israel, and has demanded the release of a convicted mass murderer, Sheikh Abdul Rahman?

Why would someone openly lie and state that he was not a member of THE NEW PARTY when evidence unequivocally proves that he was?

Why would a president of the U.S. threaten The U.S. military with a 50% across the board cut, when our adversaries are growing their military by 20%?

Why would someone openly deny his relationship with Bill Ayers, when over $100 million had passed between them?

Why would someone lie and say he wasn't aware of Jeremiah Wright's very public, radical and hateful views for over twenty years, and yet call him a mentor?

Why would someone lie and accuse an insurance company of denying cancer treatments to his mother when the company actually provided them?

Why would someone lie and say that his grandfather was tortured by the British when he wasn't.

Why would someone lie to his literary agent about his place of his birth?

Why would a U.S. president appoint a communist, Van Jones, who insisted that he wanted to "bring the whole system down.", and that "the masses" agenda is being set by the military in this country.." ?

Why would a president appoint a man, John Holdren, who has openly stated that The United States must lower its standard of living in order for others in the world to raise theirs?

Why would a U.S. president use a known gay porn producer, Terry Bean, as a fundraiser?

Why would a U.S. president deny that he supported a single payer socialized medicine program when he was on record stating that a single payer socialized system was his objective?

Why would a president block Israel's participation in a Global International Terrorism Conference?

Why would a president of the U.S. choose to give a speech at a Catholic university and use a black plywood box to cover the name "Jesus Christ" written in Latin?

Why would a president bow to representatives of foreign nations?

Why would a U.S. president fail to enforce U.S. laws and court orders from Federal judges?

Why would a U.S. president attempt to provoke Americans by incessantly using the term "class" in his speeches, pitting citizen against citizen?

Why would a president of The United States demand that we compete with China over high speed train technology and in the same week cancel the U.S. Space Shuttle program, leaving Americans dependent on Russian good will and possible extortion?

Real revolution, Ortega style, is underway in the United States, and it is a devious and ever so dangerous gambit.

Dwight Schultz

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Dreams From My Real Father
August 3th. 2012

DREAMS FROM MY REAL FATHER which is obviously a play on the title of Barack Obama's autobiography, is a new documentary by Joel Gilbert which attempts to untangle the web of mystery that surrounds Obama's formative years. It presents a provocative theory to resolve various questions, from the birth issue to the discomforting feeling that he is exactly as Dorothy Rabinowitz described him in her terrific Wall Street Journal article, "An Alien In The White House".

Gilbert focuses on Frank Marshall Davis, a black poet, pornographer, Communist, and mentor to young Barack Obama. It gives flesh and voice to the body that Obama referred to as uncle Frank in his book DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, a character which was carefully edited out of the audio book when published ten years later; one can imagine why this is so after viewing Gilbert's theory of events! It is an unseemly and disquieting history, fat with facts and historical color, leading to an inference that is more than a possibility...more likely the truth behind the "birther" issue and the strange manipulated photographs that populate the Obama internet universe.

The documentary is available as a DVD and can be purchased from AMAZON or directly from Highway 61 Entertainment. This is not a "spare no expense" work, but is is provocative in the best sense of the word. You will think about this documentary long after the credits roll.

Dwight Schultz

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Muslim Brotherhood
July 24th. 2012

Senator John McCain and Speaker of The House John Boehner have openly rebuked Representative Michele Bachmann, Louis Gohmert, and three other Republican members of congress for asking questions about Huma Weiner Abedin, a close aide to Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton. The questions concern the recent seemingly cozy relationships that have developed between The Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama administration. McCain declared that there was no "logic" to the suspicions; however I believe that Michele Bachmann and the other congressional Republicans are correct to pursue their suspicions, and there is "logic" to the proffered questions. There is an easy way for anyone to identify the very real problem through logic, even the frequently mistaken and snookered duo of McCain and Boehner.

Huma's mother, Saleha Abedin, is an active member of the Muslim Sisterhood which is the female arm of The Brotherhood. Mohammad Morsi, who was the Muslim Brotherhood candidate and is the newly elected president of Egypt, has openly stated that he will demand the release of the blind sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman; a Muslim who was found guilty during the first world trade center bombing attack. Why would a newly elected president of Egypt demand the release of a mass murderer? The answer is not palatable for western minds, but killing infidels is not a crime, and the Blind Sheik was simply following Islamic doctrine. He is one of their great scholars! Morsi recognizes this and has made the demand in the name of Egypt's majority. He has demonstrated that Clinton and Obama are wrong about Islam, it is the religion that is radical and the radical view is the majority view. Rahman is a hero in the Islamic view. Huma's life would be in danger if she were working against The Brotherhood, but not if she were following the soft subversion prescribed by Islamic doctrine which parallels violent Jihad. Huma is not the only Muslim working in the U.S. government connected to the brotherhood, and if you want to know why all references to radical Islam have been removed from U.S. intelligence agencies, well I think a few brave Republicans want an answer to that question too. Many others are in denial.

This is a link that provides further background to the Muslim Brotherhood.



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The Horror
July 24th. 2012

The horror, carnage and irreparable damage that took place in Aurora Colorado are now part of the American psyche. Everyone capable of empathy are suffering with the families, yet knowing at the same time that it is not really possible to understand the searing pain caused by permanent separation of a loved one as a result of senseless mass murder.

It only took minutes for the progressive media, Brian Ross from ABC news in particular, to link The Tea Party to the murder. The technique is now old. They also did this after the attempted assassination of representative Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona. In both cases it was necessary to push their ideological gun control issues, because it's necessary to take advantage of tragedies!! When they do this, they are purposely perverting the truth for propagandistic purposes. It also happened in the early hours of the George Zimmerman murder investigation when NBC purposely edited a tape to make it appear that Zimmerman was a racist...The progressive media coined a new racial subset "White-Hispanic"...just for the political joy of fostering white and black hatred....The ends justifies the means! When will people wake up? Progressive Democrats are now out in force against gun ownership.

Senator Dianne Feinstein and other "tiny monsters from the totalitarian id" were out with furtive pleas. This included the vapid little dictator Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was pulling emotional strings..."it's time to do something about these guns."...Beware of little dictators! Total control starts with small things...Did you know that Vermont allows concealed hand guns without a permit, and they have the lowest murder rate in the United States?...Remember it was Bloomie who posited the notion that "The Time Square Bomber was home-grown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn't like the health care bill or something"...Who could Bloomie have been talking about? It turned out to be Faisal Shahzad, a Jihadi. Did our Bloombrain correct his asinine and vicious smear, connecting citizens concerned about fiscal issues, with attempted murder? Nah!...No need! Smearing conservatives is a most righteous act and the Progressive media will protect all who do it till the last progressive cow comes home...apologies by progressives are for show only ..and usually with a smile and a moo!

We have been killing each other for two thousand years using every weapon conceivable, so why are these Progressives out in force grandstanding?..Susan Rice, representing Barack Obama at the UN, is trying to help craft a treaty that will subject Americans to international gun registration. She is a globalist like Obama!...The FAST AND FURIOUS scheme failed, so maybe this will help sell the idea that Americans must give up more of their sovereign rights for the sake of international safety as defined by world government!...Let me ask you honestly, Do you not see the complete incompetence demonstrated by this corrupt international socialist organization? Did they stop the butchery and rape in Rwanda, Somalia, or the Eastern Congo? Did they craftily put an end to the Bosnian carnage back at the beginning of the 1990's? Are they protecting Christians anywhere in the world?

When Israel begged the UN not to pull out during the 67 war, what did the UN do?.....Iran has just been made head of the UN arms trade conference!!!!!!! A country that has threatened to wipe another member state of the face of the earth!

One of Adolph Hitler's first edicts was the humane method by which lobsters were to be killed. Bigger edicts followed!


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Everyone is up in arms over Obama
July 19th. 2012

Everyone is up in arms over Obama's comments about entrepreneurs not making it on their own, but why should anyone question Obama's comments when he signed a contract with the...NEW PARTY...which stated "Our major economic problem is not the government, as conservatives claim, but American enterprise itself." Do you understand what is meant by American enterprise? Those of you who live in America, do you understand? The New Party meant American Capitalism!....Obama is not a man devoted to the Constitution of the USA...He is devoted to those who gave him the Nobel prize; European Socialists and communists!....He is as far from an American President as can be imagined!

Dwight Schultz

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Who is Obama
July 16th. 2012

When I called Barack Obama a Marxist Socialist...Oh, about four years ago...I was told by many to shut up. Of course I wasn't the only one voicing that opinion, there were quite a few realists responding to the unbearable truth that a stinker had slipped the country a mickey! Stanley Kurtz, author of RADICAL IN CHIEF, once and for all proved that Barack Obama signed a contract with The New Party, which was the Socialist political party in the U.S., and clarified for all that when Obama decided to kick off his political career with Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, and Alice Palmer, it wasn't just a chance coincidence...Yet today not a single news outlet has asked Obama why he denied being a socialist; even worse, much of the President's progressive media has yet to report that Obama had crossed his fingers when he told that child like New York Times reporter that he definitely was not a Socialist.

It's astonishing to hear David Axelrod accuse Mitt Romney of being disingenuous, when Obama has lied about his mother, lied about his father, lied to his literary agent concerning his place of birth, lied when he said he wasn't a Socialist, lied about his involvement with ACORN, lied about his association with Bill Ayers, lied about not knowing the views of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, lied about not wanting a single payer socialized medicine program, and has continuously lied about his out of control spending!

This is the probably the first time that an American President has lied more about himself and his intentions, than the opposing political party!

Dwight Schultz

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Howling Mad Rant 3 (show 24)
July 23th. 2016

In Dwight's third rant he discusses the terrorist attack in Nice (France), the attack on Police Officers in Baton Rouge, the attempted coup in Turkey and the terrorist attack in a train near Würzburg (Germany). Please note that this rant was recorded on July 20th. prior to the second terrorist attack in Germany.

Please if you are not interested in listening to an actor rant about political matters please leave because you will just be upset and Dwight doesn't want to upset you.

Howling Mad World Rant 3, (show 24).

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Howling Mad Rant about Brexit
July 2nd 2016

This is a Howling Mad Radio Rant!
For anyone who is not familiar with my rants and my former history in talk radio and politics, leave! You don't want to hear this, you don't want to become all wrapped up in politics! For those of you who are familiar with it listen if you can. We have reached a watershed world wide, extensively this rant is about Brexit.

Howling Mad World Review RANT.

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Howling Mad World Review (21st. podcast)
December 23th. 2015

Dwight discusses world politics and wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear.

Howling Mad World Review! show 21.

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Howling Mad World Review (20th. podcast)
August 14th. 2014

Dwight again talks about the passing of Robin Williams, a small tribute to a very talented man. Dwight also discusses world politics because the world is in chaos..

Howling Mad World Review! show 20.

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After Dwight learned about the crash of the MH17 flight he recorded this for you all.
July 19th. 2014

Dwight had just finished his 18th. podcast when this horrible event occurred. His prayers go out to all those affected. May God have mercy on us all. Please listen to this audio.

Dwight's message for you all about the crash of flight MH17

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Howling Mad World Review (18th. podcast)
July 19th. 2014

This new podcast is about international affairs...sit down, listen...and form your opinion.

Howling Mad World Review! show 18.

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International Affairs
July 11th. 2012

Soon Dwight will make his first note about International Affairs.

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Social Observations.
July 11th. 2012

Soon Dwight will make his first note about Social Observations.

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The technical ingenuity found in both the audio and visual aspects of the entertainment industry
September 3th. 2012

I have always been fascinated by the technical ingenuity found in both the audio and visual aspects of the entertainment industry. These technical worlds encapsulate the modern tussle between what is fact and what is subjective and how the intersection of those two worlds lays bare those who rely on their emotion, those who rely on facts, and those who try to use both.

If you're interested in music, you have undoubtedly noted the resurgence of the Long Playing Record or LP. During my youth, many, many, many, many years ago, it was the way you listened to two channel stereophonic sound, however it was plagued by many problems that frequently interfered with serious listening. It was a mechanical to electrical system which degraded from the very first time the stylus touched the vinyl, and it resolved not just the music, but also the surface it was contacting, often producing pops, clicks, swooshes, and sssshhhhhsssshhhhhssswooosh's that were constant, depending upon the pressing.

One of the most frustrating aspects of the LP, was that as you moved to the inner grooves of the record you suffered from "inner groove distortion", where it just so happens most climactic music would be, and where the geometry of the LP cutter and the available space on the record combined to produce some awfully screechy sound. There were many attempts to solve these problems and all were expensive, time consuming, and fatiguing.

Toward the end of the 1970's, LP's were reaching the final stages of analogue development, with shorter playing times, leaving more space for the inner grooves, and the arrival of direct to disc recordings, that did away with the intermediary tape recording process altogether...some of these recordings are still among the finest in modern history, but there are few to go around, and they could not stop the coming reality of digital music on the Compact Disc.

The CD was, in general, superior to the LP. Let me put it this way: most CD's were aurally better than the LP counterpart, but there were some LP's that were clearly aurally better than the CD counterpart...AH !!!!!!!!! The controversy that followed is still with us, and the resurgence of the LP is the result. I believe this resurgence is emotional and has nothing to do with facts and reality. I will try to prove this to you by describing a present controversy over in the visual end of the entertainment industry, but which is directly related to the audio questions I've just discussed.

Most of the new flat screen LCD's that are presently available have a circuit that increases frame rate and removes something called "judder", or the slight movement of the film frame in the projector which ever so slightly blurs the fine details of the film. This new circuit electronically lays one film frame precisely on top of the other and in some cases creates a new frame to remove judder, and this electronic fix can be applied by degree and chosen by the customer. The reaction to It has been horror and dismay. PIRATES OF THE CARRIBIAN, which was used by Sony to demonstrate its MOTION FLOW "judder" circuit, was met by a derogatory term, "the soap opera effect". The general conclusion was that these electronic fools were turning film into cheap video. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Over 30 years ago Douglas Trumble, the special effects wizard from CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and 2001, developed a process that was purely filmic, called SHOWSCAN. It presented 70mm film, at 60 ( fps) frames per second, with one frame image placed precisely upon the other and the reaction was the same. There was no electronic intervention degrading the image during the SHOWSCAN process, yet those 60 fps of pure celluloid were reviled for looking like cheap video.

A few months ago, Peter Jackson, brought some excerpts from his forthcoming film THE HOBBIT to CinemaCon in Las Vegas. The movie, which he photographed and projected at 48 fps instead of the standard 24fps, caused all hell to break loose. The majority reaction was pure hate! It was so rancorous that Warner Brothers has now decided to permit only a very limited release of the 48fps version of THE HOBBIT. Most of the country will sadly only get the familiar 24fps version of the movie. Many have referred to "the soap opera effect" and used words like "cheap" to describe their reaction to the presentation, but after further discussion and some real thinking, a few who didn't like the look of 48fps, began to reassess the situation, and finally concluded that it actually looked too good, which in my opinion, is the correct observation. The opening panorama shots were thought to be spectacular! It was only when the camera began getting in close to the actor's make up, to the monsters, special effects, and set shots that they felt uncomfortable or unhappy with the look. A few viewers realized that the blur that has accompanied motion pictures, for the entire history of film, has been integrated into the experience of watching a film, and the imperfection has become a positive attribute.

In some strange way these film buffs were comforted by the blur, however their reconsideration that perhaps the 48fps is too revealing for what is being photographed is intellectually honest and permits advancement in the field of motion picture photography. This is of profound importance because this view is the truth.

There is no reason why you can't prefer the comfort of the unreal, but declaring something to be inferior when it is clearly superior is emotional, irrational and a lie. The tech world is rife with irrational nonsense, but because of its very nature the truth generally finds its way through the smoke in time. Such is not the case in other areas of life, where damage to let's say, our society, is not always as quickly noted as a light switch that is not connected to a real source of light, or an automobile that cannot make it to 30mph, no matter how we put the pedal to the mettle.

Greater detail and clarity may bring us closer to reality, but not closer to our desires or personal comfort. Fine! We may properly prefer a limited or editorialized view as long as we recognize it as a preference; but once we stray across the line that divides the subjective from the objective without noting that we have indeed crossed it, fantasy reigns, and fantasy can be a killer.

Dwight Schultz

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Chronic Pain
July 16th. 2012

I have suffered from degenerative arthritis of the spine, shoulder, neck and knee for the last twenty years, and have used every medication available to reduce pain and inflammation many of these drugs were later determined to damage heart function and none of them dramatically reduced the pain. The only exception has been methyprednisolone, a powerful corticosteroid which must only be taken sparingly, because it suppresses the immune system. About ten days ago, as a result of my 'wonderful wife's research on the web, I tried boswellia extract with the attitude "here we go again".

I took three one hundred milligram capsules during a twenty four hour period, and the result was no pain for the first time in twenty years. I know that the underlying problems are still there, and will undoubtedly cause difficulties in the future, but to get up in the morning without the twenty minutes it used to take just to straighten up is a blessing I thank God for. The extract is called 5-Lox inhibitor with ApresFlex. I have absolutely no connection with any company or distribution network. I wanted to be specific because this is the extract that I am taking, and I know it works for me! If you are in need of pain relief from inflammation, I believe this may work for you. If you are in doubt, consult your doctor before taking, but do try it.


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